Postpartum sow milking method

Vitamin E Milk 500 mg of vitamin E was given to sows at one time, twice a day, for 3 days. Soybean milking method to take 500 grams of fresh soybeans, plus 100 grams of animal oil, add water, cooked 2 times a day, all finished within 2 days. The sesame malt galactagolysis method takes 200 grams of roasted sesame seeds, 300 grams of raw malt, 15 grams of salt, and is mixed in the feed, each time mixing 20-30 grams. Soybean milk, oyster sauce, milk method, 2 kilograms of soy milk, 200 grams of oyster sauce, cooked after cooking, once a day, once every 2 days. Sesame stalk, leaf stimulating dry sesame stalk 2 kg, 500 grams of sesame leaves, add 3 kg of water, decoction for the pig to drink, once a day, and even drink for 5 days. After the litter of the placental milking method, the sows were cooked and chopped and fed 3 to 5 times. Fatty pregnant sows postpartum milking method Angelica sinensis 60 grams, 30 grams of wood, fresh willow bark 500 grams, add water 1.5 kilograms Simmer until 1 kilogram, juice and porridge mixed after feeding, 1 day, 2 to 2 3 doses.