Winter is the best season for controlling pests

If a pest or hatching is eliminated in the winter, it is equivalent to destroying hundreds of pests in the following spring and summer. Pests use less labor for winter defense, have less investment, and are simple and easy to harvest. Using methods such as destroying roots and ploughing smuts, deep-frozen smashing sorghum, returning stalks to fields, and clearing up litter and weeds in the fields, we put a turnaround for crops such as rice, corn, millet, sorghum and other crop residues and pests. Expose the pests to the surface of the soil so that birds can feed or be frozen to death. It can also be combined with winter and spring soil preparation, application of phoxim, such as phoxim, carbofuran and other pesticide granules to treat the soil, can eliminate a large number of earthworms, cockroaches, wireworms, ground tigers and other underground pests. In particular, serious landslides occur in various borers, and all kinds of debris must be picked before the spring sowing and burned out. For fruit trees and farmland protection forests, it is best to coat the trunk with a whitening agent, clean the litter between the rows of fruit trees, and clean up the trunk gap to remove the insect pest eggs.