What to eat for the winter? Lidong tonic lamb

From cold winds to mutton fats, eating mutton on the day of the beginning of winter is a habit that many Chinese people have enjoyed for many years. It is said that they ate lamb on this day and they do not feel cold all winter. Nowadays, the common practice of people for mutton is nothing more than explosion, roasting, braising and stewing. Each of these practices has its own flavor and characteristics, and it also contains different nutrients. Which one is the best for physical health?

The best nutrition for stewed lamb

In the practice of many kinds of lamb, stewed mutton keeps the original broth in the process of boiling, which can ensure that nutrition is not lost. Therefore, when the winter arrives, it may be a good idea to send a casserole radish stewed lamb chops to your family. Simply chop the lambs into 5-6 cm long, add onions and ginger, stew over low heat, and then add radish. If you use a casserole to cook, the flavor is better.

In addition to radish, yams, chestnuts, and walnuts can be stewed together. Yam replenishing spleen, and help digestion; chestnut Bushen Zhuangyao, Yiwei Pinggan, according to the "Book of Changes" in the "make up, and fill in the following" principle, chestnut or Bunao Jiapin; walnut warm lung Kidney, Dingchuan Runchang. These three kinds of stew with lamb, rich in nutrition, warm and not dry, Pei Yuan and fixed.

The mutton meat is considered to be everyone's favorite way of eating. In the winter, when you sit down to the table and taste the fresh mutton meat and tender soup, you will immediately feel warm and comfortable. The choice of meat is very particular, and due to the short time, the nutrition is not easy to lose.


涮: You can reduce the odor and eat more comfortably

The point of this method of eating is that the mutton can be soaked in mutton by soaking it in cold water overnight. This way to eat, need to be reminded that spicy soup mutton, eat easy to get angry. At this time, you can eat some white fungus, pears, and other foods, or drink chrysanthemum tea to the fire. Since there may be pathogens and parasites in the lamb, lamb slices that have passed the quality inspection should be selected and thoroughly cooked.

When eating lamb, tofu does not get on the fire

Mutton is warm and often eaten easily, Chinese medicine pays attention to the "heat is cold" diet. Therefore, when eating mutton, it must be accompanied by cool and lukewarm vegetables to cool, detoxify, and remove fire. Cold vegetables generally have wax gourd, gourd, rape, spinach, cabbage, mushroom, mushroom, lotus root, white rice, bamboo shoots, and vegetable heart; sweet potatoes, potatoes, and mushrooms are Ganping vegetables.

When tofu is best served with tofu, it can not only supplement many trace elements, but also play a role in clearing heat, purging, quenching thirst. The mutton and radish made a dish, can fully play radish cool, can eliminate stagnation, phlegm heat effect.

When making lamb, the effect of seasoning should not be overlooked. It is best to put ginger that is not peeled, because ginger skin is cool, there are scattered fires to remove heat, pain relief, rheumatism, but also remove the smell. When cooking lamb, use less hot and pungent condiments such as pepper, pepper, ginger, cloves, fennel, etc.; you can put some lotus seeds, it has the role of pure heart and purging fire.


Mutton can not be the same as food

Eating lamb is not what you want. It is the most important thing to pay attention to health. In the following five situations, you cannot eat lamb.

Lamb + vinegar

The sour vinegar has astringent effect and is not conducive to the growth of yang in the body. Eating with mutton will greatly reduce its warming effect.

Mutton + pumpkin

There is also a record of mutton in the ancient books of Chinese medicine that should not be shared with pumpkins. This is mainly because lamb and squash are warm foods. If they are eaten together, they can easily "get angry." In the same way, when cooking mutton, you should also put in some hot and spicy condiments such as pepper, pepper, ginger, cloves, and fennel.

Mutton + watermelon

After eating mutton, if you eat watermelon, it is easy to hurt because the mutton is sweet and hot, but watermelon is cold and belongs to cold. They are two extremes, so after eating, not only greatly reduced The warming effect of lamb, and impede the spleen and stomach.

Lamb + tea

Tea is the "Buster" of mutton. This is because lamb is rich in protein, while tea contains more tannic acid. When mutton eats tea, it will produce tannic acid protein, which will reduce the peristaltic movement of the intestine and reduce the water in the stool and induce constipation.

Lamb + Red Beans

The mutton and red bean phase g, if the same food, can cause poisoning. Red beans are sweet, salty and cold, can reduce water swelling, urination, antipyretic drugs, through milk; sheep belly is warm, sweet, with spleen and stomach, tonic loss, astringent sweat, urine, promote appetite The effect. Both taste and efficacy are back, so it is not suitable for the same food.