Peach winter cut should not be too early

Peach trees are deciduous small arbutus fruit trees. Winter pruning is usually completed after the fall of the fallen leaves until the coming spring. However, some fruit growers are accustomed to the pruning of a peach tree and a deciduous tree. In fact, this has a greater impact on peach trees, because sometimes peaches Tree defoliation is caused by unfavorable factors. It is not enough to make fallen leaves ahead of the time of falling leaves, such as drought, water shortage, insect infestation, leafhopper damage, etc. At this time, peach trees have not enough time to return all the accumulated nutrients. To the root storage. If pruning is carried out immediately, some nutrients will be lost. Some strong trees can also attract new shoots, and some wounds will be heavily fluidized, causing premature aging.

The normal winter pruning time of peach trees should be completed within 20 days to 1 month after the first frost, depending on the species, age, and tree vigor. Generally, trees are cut first with deciduous trees, and weak trees are cut first. Late varieties, saplings, and strong trees are cut in the evening. When the dew is not dry in the morning and in the morning, the cut is not cut. The amount of pruning varies from tree to tree. The saplings and strong trees should be lightly cut, and the weak trees and old trees should be heavier.