The most nutritious method of burning fish

1. Fried fish anti-stick pan: You can put oil in a hot pan and sprinkle with salt. You can also use a ginger to clean the pan after a clean pot, but do not fry frequently when frying fish, until the fish in the pan After turning through.

2. Boiled fish and minced meat: Braised fish must be cooked in a pan before cooking. The oil temperature must be high.

When the fish is cooked, the soup should not be too much. Generally, the fish has not been fished. Don't overfish the shovel that is used to turn the fish to prevent it from being broken.

3. Go fishing trick: Some people like to roast ginger and fish together and think that it will remove fish.

In actual fact, the premature release of ginger can not remove the smell of fish. This is because the early release of ginger makes the protein in the fish leachate hinder the ginger's deterrence effect. You can cook the fish in the pot for a while, wait for the protein to clot and then add ginger, or add the appropriate amount of milk or rice vinegar or cooking wine in the fish soup.

4. Steamed fish with boiling water: When steaming fish, first boil the water in the pot, and then place the fish in the pot, avoid steaming with cold water. This is because when the fish meets the high temperature, the external tissue coagulates and can be locked. Live domestic juice. Before steaming, it is best to put some chicken oil or lard on the fish to make the fish more smooth and tender.

5.Frozen fish and milk: When the fish is brought out in the refrigerator for a long time, it is appropriate to put some fresh milk in the soup to increase the fish's umami taste. After the fish is removed from the refrigerator, they are thawed in a container with a little salt. The purpose is to freeze the protein in the frozen fish and slowly solidify it, preventing it from overflowing from the cells and losing its nutrition.