Side effects of taking gelatin

Ejiao, also known as donkey hide glue, contains bright collagen, bone collagen, protein and 17 elements such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and zinc. After the protein is hydrolyzed, it can produce a variety of essential amino acids.

Modern medical experts also discovered that Ejiao is good at treating various diseases caused by blood deficiency, and it also nourishes the skin through blood supplementation. It can also regulate menstruation, enhance physical fitness, improve sleep, improve brain function, and delay aging. Controls many diseases including cancer. In particular, Dong'e Ejiao has a long history and good quality, and it is very popular. Ejiao is good, but if it is not used correctly, it will have many side effects. Tonic Ejiao should pay attention to the following aspects.

Ejiao's side effects:

1. Some physique people may get angry when they eat. You can eat Chen donkey-hide gelatin and don't get angry.

2, eat more indigestion;

Elastin is nourishing and can cause symptoms of indigestion. The spleen and stomach are the basis of the acquired, if the function of the spleen and stomach is obstructed, no matter how good the body of the drug can not be consumed. Therefore, taking ejiao, especially those with inadequate spleen and stomach function, is best complemented by the medicines that modulate the spleen and stomach, which can promote the assimilation and absorption of ejiao, and the effect is naturally multiplied.

3, Yin deficiency people eat more easily hot.

It is worth noting that because Ejiao is nourishing and irritating to the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, there is stomach fullness, indigestion, and no dietary fragrantness. The weak spleen and stomach of traditional Chinese medicine should be used with caution.

4, fire prevention poison

Some people will have a feverish appearance after taking ejiao, such as many hot sores in the nasal cavity, lips, etc., or dry eyes, redness, increased eyelid, and even dry throat pain and constipation or bloody stools. Other symptoms. The reason for the above symptoms is due to taking fresh donkey-hide gelatin. The limitations of the existing production process, the newly made Ejiao always carry some fire poisoning, so entering fresh E-Jiao can cause people to have a strong fire and various poisoning symptoms. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine theory, freshly made Ejiao is not suitable for new ejiao, and it should be placed in a dry place for more than three years until it is consumed by itself.

For people

Ejiao is particularly suitable for anemia patients, cancer patients and tumor chemoradiotherapy, physical weakness, irregular menstruation, pregnancy and fetal miscarriage, chronic illness deficiency, middle-aged women, mental workers and other taking. Many people think that Ejiao has the role of "disease treatment and disease-free physical activity." In fact, abuse of donkey-hide gelatin can also cause side effects, such as causing indigestion and irritating symptoms. As the saying goes: Medication is not as good as diet. Pay more attention to dietary foods rich in protein, iron, zinc, and vitamins on weekdays to make enough blood.