How to buy agricultural machinery bearings

Bearings are supports for rotating shafts or movable parts of various machines and are widely used in agricultural vehicles such as agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engines, electric motors, and threshers. Buy bearing bearing code, but the bearing code more complicated, if the farmer grasp the rules of identifying the bearing code, the purchase is easy.

Commonly used bearings are some standard models, code-named "0", tolerance level is "G" (ordinary level), the first paragraph of the general bearing can not write, so its code number is usually represented by 7 digits of the basic code. The following is an example of the meaning of the bearing code: Example 7002136 (135 series diesel engine shaft main bearing), whose basic code is identified from right to left. "36" means that the two-digit light, the calculation method is 365 = 180 mm; "1" that the diameter series special light type; "2" represents the type of cylindrical roller bearings; "00" indicates that the outer ring of the bearing structure is not blocked Edge; "7" indicates that the width series is narrow. If the machine purchases 7-digits of other standard models, the bearing code can be analogized.

Optional bearing more reference bearing inner diameter, bearing inner diameter in the basic code with the right first and second digits. The bearing inner diameter is divided into standard and non-standard inner diameters. The difference is that the non-standard inner diameter is not an integral number or an integral multiple of 5. In order to facilitate the purchase of the machine, an example is illustrated:

1 The bearing diameter is less than 9mm and is expressed by the actual size of the first digit on the right. For example, Bearing No. 18 has an internal diameter of 8 mm.

2 bearing diameter in 10-17 mm with a fixed number. For example, the bearing numbers 100, 201, 302, and 403 have inner diameter codes of 00, 01, 02, and 03 at the right end, and inner diameters of 10, 12, 15, and 17 millimeters, respectively. 3 bearing diameter 20-480 mm (22,28,32 except), with the size of the inner diameter divided by 5 obtained.

4 The bearing inner diameter is expressed as a fraction above 500 mm (22, 28, 32), the denominator represents the inner diameter, and the numerator represents the size series, type and structure of the bearing. For example, bearing No. 30031/560 has an internal diameter of 560 mm, and so on.