Newly developed bean products

Legumes are foods that our people love. Legumes are rich in nutrients. Proteins and essential amino acids contained in the beans are close to one animal protein in terms of quantity and mutual ratio. But the cholesterol content of legumes is much lower than that of fish and meat. , eggs, milk, and rich in linoleic acid and phospholipids, to prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, etc. have a certain degree of prevention, so the beans have the reputation of plant meat. Black beans have the role of blood and hair, eat more soybeans to avoid age spots and so on. Soybean products have strong plasticity and can be eaten in many ways. In addition to ground bean paste made of cake fillings, mung beans can also be soup, bean sprouts and so on. Here are some of the new products for daily consumption of beans.
Vacuum-packed spiced bean sprouts After germination, the beans themselves produce vitamin C, and many of the indigestible ingredients can be broken down into more easily absorbed beneficial substances. However, due to the bean sprouts growing too long, they will lose their proper nutrition and flavor, so they can only be eaten as a kind of fresh vegetables. On the basis of traditional production, the author uses modern techniques and techniques to develop and produce Wuxiang bean sprouts, which have a shelf life of up to 12 months, and are delicious and easy to eat. This is a new bean processing project with low investment and quick results. .
1. The main equipment cooking pot, pickling cylinder, vacuum packing machine and so on.
2. Formula 100kg of soybean sprouts, 10kg of red pepper, 5kg of salt, 2.5kg of ginger, 0.5kg of pepper, 3.2kg of soy sauce, 2kg of white sugar, and 1kg of white wine.
3. Process Soybean→Selected Material→Cleaning→Soaking→Breeding→Inactivation Enzyme→Pickling→Packing→Sterilization→Finished Product.
4. Operation points (1) Select the material, soak the selected grains with full color, bright yellow color and bright yellow soybean, remove the immature or moldy residue, the second bean, wash with clean water, and then soak in water at 40°C for 4h. 5h, then drain the surface water for later use.
(2) Germination Put rehydrated soybeans into non-toxic plastic bags or porcelain jars and allow them to germinate at a temperature of 25°C. During this period, it is necessary to keep changing the water once a day to prevent rotten beans, and the temperature is required to be the same in order to germinate. Wait until the bean sprouts give birth to about 0.2cm. If the sprouts grow too long, they will lose their flavor.
(3) Cooking and inactivating good bean sprouts quickly boil in boiling water for 3 min to 5 min, remove them quickly, and cool in cold water. When cooking, you must have a good grasp of the heat, and you must not cook nor overcook.
(4) Marinate the cool bean sprouts into the boiled and cool seasoning liquid, stir well, and then seal in the marinated jar. Pickling jars should be disinfected before use. Finished products will be finished after about 15 days. During this time, it must be mixed and thawed once every 7 days, and pay attention to hygiene. The temperature should be controlled at about 10°C.
(5) Package, sterilized and preserved bean sprouts Leach the excess seasoning liquid on the surface, vacuum-pack according to requirements, place in high-temperature sterilization pot, temperature is 90°C, sterilize for 10 minutes, then cool to room temperature, and put it in the box. Can be listed.
5. Quality Standards Products are tender and crispy, rich in aromas, and have a unique flavour.
Plant Bean Meat The traditional bean curd, rot and dried bean products are known as vegetal meat and are well-received by consumers. However, in the ointment, these products have a single taste and poor taste. On the basis of strengths and weaknesses, we have made some adjustments in the formulation of raw materials, process applications, and nutrition, so that these products not only change their traditional flavor, but also provide more reasonable nutrition, which is a new flavor of imitation. Meat soy products.
1. The main equipment refiner, cooking pot, molding dehydrator and so on.
2. Formula soybean 100kg, beef 5kg, mushroom 15kg, emulsifier 0.2kg, modified starch 2kg.
3. Process Soybean→Selected Material→Crushing→Milling→Cooking→Protein Coagulation→Mixing→Press Molding→Packing→Sterilization→Finished Product.
Beef → minced → cooked.
Mushroom → Wash → Beat → Concentrate.
4. Operational points (1) Selection of high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, soybean-free soybean varieties. Fresh, unpolluted, high-quality fresh mushrooms are used for the selection of the mushrooms. Fresh beef can be used as fresh meat.
(2) Refined soybeans should be crushed first, and the crushed grain size should be a 5 to 7-flaps, and then use wind force to remove soybeans, then soak in warm water at a temperature of 30°C to 40°C for 5h to 6h, when the watercress is fully absorbed After the appropriate amount of water is sent to the slag separator for refining, the filter mesh is preferably 80 mesh to 100 mesh.
(3) The cooked soybean milk must be boiled and boiled. When cooking, it is best to use a sandwich pot to prevent the shabu-shabu. In the early stage, stir while stirring. Wait for boiling to stop stirring. After boiling, it will take about 10 minutes to boil. Be sure to cook well.
(4) Protein coagulation The boiled soybean milk should be quickly panned and an appropriate amount of defoamer should be added to the coagulation tank. The amount of coagulant must be controlled flexibly. The coagulant can be dissolved in soybean milk and then added to the soybean milk. Stirring is continued while mixing, and the mixture is fully mixed until the protein solidifies into a granular shape of 1 cm to 2 cm. The cylinder is clear when the color is slightly yellow. Put a filter cloth first, add a certain amount of gravity pressure to remove excess water for use.
(5) Mushroom Pretreatment The selected stems were removed from the mushrooms, cooked with low heat, then beaten in a beater, and concentrated to a solids content of about 70%.
(6) Beef paste pretreatment The selected beef is ground in a meat grinder into a fine meat pulp, then added with the necessary condiment to be concentrated, and concentrated until the sauce has a certain viscosity, and the temperature is maintained until it is used.
(7) Mixing According to the recipe, the solidified protein, mushroom pulp and beef sauce are fully mixed in the mixing cylinder, and the temperature is 60° C. It is necessary to uniformly distribute the emulsifier in the slurry.
(8) Compression Molding The mixed slurry is cast in the required mold, and can be released after cooling. If the water is too large, it is necessary to remove a certain amount of moisture in the vacuum dryer. The water content of the finished product is about 20%.
(9) The packaging and sterilized products must be vacuum sealed and can be pasteurized in a steam sterilizer at a temperature of 90°C for 8 minutes to 10 minutes, then cooled to room temperature, and the surface moisture is the finished product.
4. The quality requires delicate texture, good slicing, and aroma of beans, mushrooms, and beef. The shelf life is about 12 months. Can be cold, stir-fried, eat a variety of ways, rich in nutrition.
Sugar Soybean
1. Formula white sugar 10.5kg, Angelica 1g, fried soybean 7kg, clear water 5kg.
2. Operation points (1) Mixed soybeans must be selected to remove impurities and broken flaps, cleaned, and fried.
(2) Caramel sugar First put 10kg of white sugar and 5kg of clear water into the pot, heat and pour it, and then put 1g of white peony. Divide the appropriate concentration of sugar juice, and make the sugar bubble evenly. The sugar temperature can reach around 135°C.
(3) Soybeans First, heat 7kg of cooked soybeans and heat moderately, then pour it into a rotating drum, and pour even the good sugar on the soybeans with a small spoon until the sugar juice is poured. Soybeans must be burred, poured out of the barrel, and cooled by blowing moisture.
3. Quality standards can be bulk or bagged, according to the circumstances determine the amount of the built-in; surface thorns, shaped like snowflakes; sugar beans white color; sweet and crisp palatability, a bean flavor.
4. Storage methods Store in a cool, dry and ventilated room. Protect from moisture and sunlight.
Strange taste Hudian Wei Hu Dou is Sichuan specialties, product color white, crisp taste, many flavors, eating appetite is doubled.
1. Formula Hu-hua 1kg, white sugar 500g, caramel 100g, sweet noodle sauce 50g, cooked sesame seeds 50g, monosodium glutamate 3g, chili powder 5g, salt 2g, pepper powder 5g, white peony 10g, allspice 2g, vegetable oil, soy sauce, water, the appropriate amount.
2. Process Hu Dou → Cleaning → Soaking → Peeling → Soaking → Fried ↓
Vegetable oil + seasoning → brewing → mixing → finished product.
White sugar + water + sugar → tanning
3. Operation points (1) Soak the beans in cold water and soak for 1 day (in the summer, change the water frequently), and remove the skin of the black mouth and root buds of the broad bean. Then soak the beans in white water (submerging) for about 10 hours, remove the water and rinse with water, and drain the water.
(2) Fry the oil with an acute fire to boil, add the beans, fry 10min ~ 15min, when the beans can be crispy fish out, oil control.
(3) Mix seasonings with a small amount of oil to deep-fried the sauce, fry for about 3 minutes, and shovel into the basin to cool. Add seasonings such as cooked sesame, chili powder, prickly ash powder, allspice, monosodium glutamate, salt, soy sauce, and soy sauce to fried beans and stir well.
(4) Add sugar 100g water sugar syrup, add melted sugar after heating, dipping to 115 °C, then slowly syrup poured in a mixture of ingredients Hu beans, mix well Serve.
4. The quality standard particles are complete, the fragment is below 2%, the sugar is even, the sugar rate on the particles is above 95%, no adhesion phenomenon; the tea is yellow, the color is consistent; the surface of the particles is mulberry, no impurity; crisp, and Sweet, spicy, salty; moisture content below 5%.
Bean crisp
1. Formula 65g of white sugar, 20g of citric acid, and 35kg of bean flour.
2. Operation points (1) The steamed beans must be selected to remove impurities.
(2) The beans that are cooked by the bean must be fried on the pot and matured.
(3) Caramel infused 35kg of clear water into the pan, put sugar in an amount of 65kg, and pour 20g of citric acid into the pan after heating until the sugar temperature reaches 160°C to 170°C (160°C in winter).
(4) Cooling Pour the syrup into the water tank and cool it until it is soft and hard.
(5) Remove the foam and cool the sugar to the appropriate sugar on the sugar extraction machine for defoaming, pulling 20 to 25 times, pulling to white sugar, not too foaming, if there is no bubble machine, wooden stick can be used for manual defoaming .
(6) Wet bean dough, while the amount of cooked bean flour into the pot, heated with a slight fire, the heat is 70 °C ~ 80 °C, readily cut the sugar into the hot bean flour plus Warm, cover the fire, keep the temperature, and use a shovel to reconcile the bean noodles to prevent the shabu-shabu.
(7) Scissors Cut the pulled sugar and grow it into small pieces (one for every 15g of sugar) and place it in a prepared hot bean noodle pot.
(8) Wire drawing The sugar in the bean noodle pot is pulled out by hand and pulled out. Each time the bean paste is added, the bean paste is added once for each pair, and the twisting is performed 9 to 11 times. Put it on the case and use a small board to press it into pieces.
(9) Cartoning After cooling the pulled sugar, shake the top of the bean and put it in the box. A large box per 7kg.
3. Precautions When cooking soybeans, it is necessary to grasp the heat and prevent the shabu-shabu from being cooked or cooked so as not to affect the quality. Sugar-fat bean noodle pots generally have 4 to 5 people per pot, 1 of them watching the pot, pay attention to the temperature, to prevent the pot, and the rest of the people make bean-flavored sugar. If the bean surface is too hot, the sugar is easy to return to sand; the bean surface is too cold and the sugar is stiff and hard to pull. The use of tools for the placement of physical, easy to use at the time.
4. The quality standard is even and evenly drawn. The rectangular flower roll shape, such as silk or curly flower shape, has bright light; nutrient-rich; sweet, crisp, crisp, non-stick teeth; with bean flavor.
5. Storage methods Storehouses must be dry and tightly packed to prevent moisture, hot and cold moisture. The general winter shelf life is 1 month and the summer shelf life is 1 week.

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In addition, black Goji has 17 kinds of amino acid, 13 kinds of microelement. The contents, such as Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn and Fe, are higher than red Goji.

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