Rice broadcast live technology

The most suitable varieties: single-season rice, indica rice.

The late rice direct broadcasting technology has been promoted in our city for many years. It is a rice cultivation technology that is more labor-saving, energy-saving, cost-effective, and yield-increasing and efficient than other light-planting technologies. The technology has been accepted by many farmers and the area of ​​promotion has been expanding year by year. In the early stage, we mainly focused on the following four technical steps:

First, flat field surface. Daejeon-myeon is to be flattened. After ploughing and fertilizing (usually acreage of Mushi-Ya-mian-mian: 25kg of ammonium bicarbonate plus 25kg of superphosphate), the width of the field is 3-4m. Slightly arched surface, to prevent the middle of stagnant water, so that the entire field level is not too high. Flat surface is conducive to buds, buds, weeding effect, help water slurry management.

Second, the appropriate sowing. Proper sowing. Single-season japonica rice sowing time: the plain is generally from the end of May to early June, and no later than June 20 (premature sowing: increase the difficulty of management and the work, too late sowing: can not be safe and full ear ripening). It is required to sow the seedlings when the seedlings are not attached. When sowing, the seedlings can be left with a 1-inch layer of water so that the buds can be trapped in the mud. This process can be omitted and the water can be removed after sowing. Sandy fields can be planted on site now. Muddy land and bad soil can be planted in the morning and planted in the afternoon. If there are many seeds after sowing, it is required to carry out the production. Appropriate planting should be based on the quality of the seeds. Therefore, the germination test should be well done before planting, so that it is possible to blindly sow unfavorably high-yield and stable production. The average sowing volume is 4-5 kg ​​per mu. Strive to achieve uniform seeding, uniform seeding directly related to the coordinated growth of rice seedlings and individuals, is an important part of the success of live broadcast. To germinate sowing, so as to determine the amount of quantitative, uniform seeding.

Third, scientific weeding. Chemical weeding is the main measure of live technology. To improve control efficiency and drug safety, herbicide application should be applied as early as possible. For the first time, weeding field weeds with 30% Sulfur beryllium oil per acre and 40 kilograms of uniform spray cover.

Fourth, to prevent pests and rats. In order to preserve the seedlings, rodenticides must be used in the field before and after sowing to prevent rodents from affecting the basic seedlings and uniformity. Pest Control: Before sowing seed treatment, seed treatment method should master the liquid concentration and soaking time. When the liquid concentration is too thin or the soaking time is too short, the desired control effect cannot be achieved. The specific methods are as follows: 1. Pharmacy and Concentration: Soaking seeds with 25% “100g” antibacterial agent 2000 times dilution (ie, 2 liter each “make 100 grams” of pharmaceutical agent, add 4 kilograms of water, you can soak seed 2.5 to 3 kg, seed not exposed to water), or soaked in 80% “402” antibacterial agent 1500-fold dilution. 2, soaking time: late rice, japonica rice seeds immersed for 48 hours, and then washed with water after germination, when the seeds exposed with 10% imidacloprid 15-20 g seed dressing, can prevent rice thrips.

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