Current can accelerate wound healing

Release date: 2006-08-11

Current can speed up wound healing According to China Medical News, applying electricity to the skin can prompt the wound to heal faster. This sounds a bit like an advertisement for a liar, but researchers have experimented with it to prove it is true. Recent research by European researchers confirms that an electric field of appropriate orientation and strength can attract the repairing cells to the wound site and help the wound heal. The paper was published in the latest issue of the British journal Nature.
The wound produces a weak electric field, a phenomenon that was discovered 150 years ago but has never been valued. Researchers at the Austrian Institute of Molecular Biotechnology and the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom have recently confirmed that natural currents and electric fields play an important role in wound healing. Researchers have also found genes that affect this process.
Since the positively charged potassium ions and the negatively charged chloride ions flow in the body, the cells and tissues of the organism are like some bio-batteries, which can generate an electric field. If a part is injured, it will cause a "short circuit", making the electric field at the wound different from elsewhere. Researchers have found that this electric field change can direct repair cells to move toward the wound. Researchers have developed layered experimental mouse cells and tissues, artificially injuring these tissues, and then applying different electric fields to them. It was found that some electric fields can accelerate wound healing, while others stop the healing process. The different effects depend on the different directions and strengths of the electric field.
Experiments have also shown that two genes that affect the repair of cell movement are involved in the above process. When the gene that causes the repair of cell movement fails, the cells will not accumulate to the wound under the influence of the electric field, resulting in a slower healing of the wound. The other gene that blocks cell movement is the opposite, and its failure will speed up the healing process.
Researchers plan to further study the manual intervention of this process in order to develop new therapies and use appropriate electric fields to help treat trauma.
Source: China Medical News

Containerized Oxygen Cylinder Filling System

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Containerized Oxygen Cylinder Filling System

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