Postharvest management of grapes

After the control of dendritic fruit harvest, the continuous growth of the grape dendron will consume nutrients of the tree body. In addition to taking measures such as topping the heart and removing the shoots to control the growth of the dendrite, it can also spray 0.05% of the long-term solution to suppress its growth and reduce the consumption of nutrients. .

After increasing the fertilizing material grape tree body results in the consumption of a large number of nutrients in the body, after the fruit is harvested, the foliar fertilizer should be sprayed in time to restore the tree vigor and enhance the photosynthesis ability of the leaf. Spray 0.2% urea and 0.2% once every 10 days. Dipotassium phosphate mixture, sprayed 2-3 times. In addition, it is also necessary to apply basal fertilizer in autumn, use 2000 tons of organic fertilizer, soil fertilizer, compost and other organic fertilizers per acre, and add 20 kg of superphosphate to mix it and then apply it into the trenches.

Prevention and control of pests and diseases After the grapes are harvested, they must continue to handle the prevention and control of these diseases. 200 times half-type Bordeaux mixture can be used, 50% Ketect WP 500 times, 65% dexamethasone WP 500 times, 70% thiophanate-methyl WP 1000 times, etc. Spray every 10 to 15 days.

The cultivating soil in the cultivating soil in the cultivating soil is poor and the soil permeability is poor. Therefore, timely cultivating and weeding after fruit-picking and deep-turning are beneficial to loose soil and air permeability in the garden, water and fertilizer conservation, and promotion of growth of new shoots.

After clearing the leaves of the idyllic grape, it should be combined with the winter pruning to clear the garden. The litter should be completely removed and brought out of the garden for destruction or deep burial, in order to reduce the source of the disease.

Peeled Garlic is made of Fresh Garlic,there are two kinds fresh garlic, one is Normal White Garlic, another is Pure White Garlic. The fresh Garlic is peeled by the peeling machine or by hand.The Fresh Garlics Which are prepared for peeling are picked out carefully from various garlics. After peeling, we put them into plastic bags or bottles, then the plastic bags or bottles are putting into the cartons.

1. Commodity name: Peeled garlic

2. Size: 180 - 230grains/kg, 230 - 260grains/kg, 260 - 350grains/kg
3. Packing: In carton
            a) 500g*20bags
            b) 1kg* 10bags
            c) 5kg*2bags
            d) 10kg*1bag            
            e) 30lbs/bag 
            f) 10kg/bag
            g) 20lbs/bag
            h) 30lbs/bag 
            i) 1lb 3lbs, 5lbs/jar (jars can be filled with nitrogen)
4. Supply period: All year round

5. Conveyance: 25mts/40' HR

Peeled Garlic

Peeled Garlic

Peeled Garlic

Peeled Garlic,Fresh Peeled Garlic,Whole Peeled Garlic,Pre Peeled Garlic