Dolphin breeding management method

Adults are raised after a period of time, individuals grow, their densities become relatively larger, and baby dollfish disease also occurs. Therefore, daily management work is very important. The day-to-day management of adult pools is a diligence, early morning, three-view, and four defenses.
A diligence: It is a patrol pool. The swimming pool is visited 3 times a day. After watching the food in the morning, the pool is observed. At noon the pool is watched for changes in water temperature. At night, the pool is observed for adult food intake.
In the morning: It is early stocking and early eating. Pay attention to whether or not you are eating when the water temperature rises after the Spring Festival. If you do not eat food, you should use warming to feed the adult as soon as possible.
Three look; it is to look at food intake, to see if there is food or food, and see the water quality. Looking at food intake is mainly to see whether the food intake of adults is concentrated or scattered. To see if there is food or food spit, in order to adjust the amount of feeding. Water quality is mainly to see if the water quality is fresh and the transparency is high, so that measures can be taken to improve the water quality.
Four defenses: It is heatstroke prevention, disease prevention, escape prevention, and waterproof change.
Heatstroke prevention is one of the important tasks of summer adult pool management. Due to the high water temperature in summer and the death of adults, it is necessary to adopt anti-cold cooling to facilitate the growth of giant salamanders, and outdoor sun protection is mainly used to set shades to make the light intensity low. Change the water to be taken late at night, so that it is beneficial for the body to “summer”.
Prevention of disease is to prevent the baby fish disease. Attention should be paid to the feeding behavior of the giant salamanders. If adults are found to be outliers, they must be examined and studied for disease conditions, and isolation and prevention measures should be used to promptly treat them.
Anti-escape is to prevent adults from escaping. We must constantly inspect the water inlet and outlet, strengthen management, and prevent escape.
Waterproof is to prevent water quality from getting worse.

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(2) Skin nutrition effect
Sodium Hyaluronate is the inherent biological materials of skin. The exogenous Sodium Hyaluronate can complement the endogenous Sodium Hyaluronate. Low molecular Sodium Hyaluronate can penetrate into dermis directly to improve the nutrient supply.
(3) Skin repair effect
There is some evidence that topically applied Sodium Hyaluronate can reduce skin irritation from various causes. During clinical trials it was also shown that this ingredient is effective in promoting healing and fighting inflammatory conditions of the skin. Sodium Hyaluronate serves as a free radical scavenger and antioxidant, helping to protect the skin from the aging effects of excessive sunlight exposure.
(4) Emollient and Film-forming
Sodium Hyaluronate is high polymer with high lubrication and film-forming. Sodium Hyaluronate contained in cosmetics creates protective film on the surface of skin, which retains moisture, and at the same time prevents moisture in the skin from evaporation, so that improves freshness of the skin.  
(5) Thickening
Sodium Hyaluronate solution have high viscosity, and 1% solution is gelatinous. It can be added to cosmetics to improve the thickening and stability.

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