Four measures to save pigs and reduce consumption

First, touch the pulse of the market, improve the ability to respond to pig farmers must master the market dynamics and live pig market, adjust marketing strategies in accordance with changes in the market, scientifically determine the scale of feeding, continuously improve the ability to respond to the market, the risk to a minimum. At the same time, we must also grasp the price changes of feed ingredients, especially the price changes of corn and soybean meal.

Second, self-provisioned feed, lower cost feed costs accounted for 70% of the cost of pigs, reducing feed costs is crucial for the profitability of pig farmers. The first is to reduce the loss of feed processing, preservation and feeding. The second is to insist on self-provisioned feeds, mainly self-produced or purchased corn, with the appropriate cake, rice bran, wheat bran. Make full use of all kinds of bad residue, pasture, and blue roughage to raise pigs. The third is to add feed additives for pigs to solve the drawbacks of reduced nutrient levels after adding green roughage to ensure normal pig slaughter.

Third, do a good job deworming, improve efficiency in the beginning of fattening and fattening the middle of the use of anthelmintic drugs to drive out the parasites inside and outside the pig, pigs can be slaughtered 10 to 20 days in advance, each pig save feed 20 kilograms.

Fourth, self-cultivation, self-sustainability, stable pig-finishing farm breeding a certain number of sows for self-cultivation and self-support, not only can reduce the cost of feeding, but also has greater flexibility, when the price of pigs rise, can be profitable pigs When pig prices are low, they can be fattened to make money. Therefore, no matter how the pig market changes, we must insist on raising a good sow so as to stabilize the pig source. We must not slaughter the sow at will because the pig price falls. Otherwise, the price of the pig will rise, and the sow will not be able to hydrolyze any thirst. It was late.

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