Measures to increase the conception rate of dairy cows

At present, dairy cattle breeding generally uses frozen semen for artificial insemination. The use of artificial insemination in China began in the 1950s. Artificial insemination has changed the mating mode of cows, reduced the libido of cows, made the estrus symptoms of cows inconspicuous, increased the difficulty for timely breeding of cows, and affected the conception rate of cows. Taking the following measures in production can increase the conception rate of dairy cows.

First, regularly check the situation: check whether the cow estrus, the production of the most suitable identification method is external observation, combined with rectal examination. The determination of whether or not a cow is in heat and estrus is based on changes in the cow's ovaries, and is often referred to as "feeling." Finding love is the basic link to improve the conception rate of dairy cows. In the production, the cattle can be investigated at 5-9, 15-17 and 20-22 hours every day, and almost 100% of the estrus cows can be found in time. Check the ovary, the action should be gentle, and the number should not be too much, the time should not be too long, otherwise the normal growth and development of follicles will cause adverse stimulation, so that advance or delay ovulation, thus affecting the cow's conception rate.

Second, timely insemination. Practice has shown that the insemination of cows at the late stage of follicle development or follicle maturation can obtain the best effect of fetuses. Insemination workers can be used in specific ways: The cows will receive a climb in the morning and should lose their sperm in the afternoon of the same day. If they still accept the climb the next morning, they should lose their sperm again. Cows are allowed to climb in the afternoon or the evening and can be postponed until the next morning.

Third, injection of progesterone. Within 19 days of cow mating, 15-20% of embryos die early. The main cause of early embryonic death is the weak corpus luteum in the cow and insufficient secretion of progesterone. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the early death of the embryo and increase the conception rate of the cow, intramuscular injection of progesterone can be performed once or twice in 7-13 days after insemination at a dose of 50-100 mg, which can increase the conception rate by 15%. .

Fourth, rinse the uterus. For cows born in the middle of the year, 10,000 milliliters of normal saline can be used within 3-4 days after the calving of the cows. 16 million units of penicillin and 5 million units of streptomycin can be added for perfusion to promote the discharge of lochia. Eliminate the inflammation of the uterus caused by bacterial infection and restore the uterus as soon as possible, laying a good foundation for the next pregnancy. When rinsing, cool saline may be used in summer, and warm saline may be used in winter. The water temperature is 30-35°C.

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