How to maintain the combine harvester

Harvesters are used seasonally and have long idle times. To maintain a good technical state of the harvester and effectively extend its useful life, high-quality maintenance during the idle period is very important.
â–² When the harvester is idle, dust, straw, seed meal, and other debris should be removed as soon as possible, and the entire machine should be washed with pressure water (belt, electrical appliances, etc. must be removed before cleaning), and dried. For exposed metal parts (such as the cutting part of the machine parts) the surface can be coated with a layer of waste oil and paste the newspaper to protect it, the paint stripping part is best coated with the same color paint.
â–² Store the harvester in a dry, ventilated, high-rigid garage and use a wooden pier to support the frame near the tire. The four support points should be on the same level to avoid deformation of the frame. The support height is preferably 20-50 mm from the ground, releasing 2/3 of the gas in the tire to prevent premature tire aging. Put down the header and padded it with a sleeper so that the plunger rod of the hydraulic cylinder is completely retracted into the cylinder and the hydraulic pump is unloaded. Loosen the buffer spring adjustment bolts of the header to make it free.
â–² The storage site should be away from the fire source and equipped with fire extinguishers, sand and shovels to prevent any accidents.
â–² Remove all the belts, wipe them clean, apply talcum powder, hang the labels with the specifications and transmission parts, and hang them on the wall inside the warehouse; remove all the roller chains and clean them with diesel or kerosene. After drying, put it in the waste oil for about 30 minutes (or 48 hours in the waste oil), remove the oil, remove it, put it into the heated butter, and then wrap it in kraft paper or oil-resistant film. Store in a dry and well-ventilated place.
â–² Remove the battery, fully discharge the battery at a discharge rate of 20 hours, and pour out the electrolyte. Rinse the inside of the battery with distilled water until the distilled water in the battery is not sour. Place the battery upside down on two small sticks and allow the water to dry. Tighten the filler cap and seal it with a wax droplet.
â–² Remove the load applied to all the safety clutch springs and other springs to avoid fatigue deformation of the spring and affect its performance.

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