How to prevent the temperature of open-air vegetables

During the high temperature period in summer, open-air cultivation of vegetables is seriously affected by high temperature. Shelter vegetables can be covered with shade nets to achieve the purpose of shade and temperature reduction. In addition to the selection of heat-resistant varieties, outdoor vegetable cultivation can also adopt the following preventive measures:
Small plots can be constructed to cool shades in shaded arbors.
Set up arbours on the vegetable plots, top branches, or grass rakes.
Temporary small sheds were built to cover the shade nets.
When cabbages, celery, broccoli, and cabbage are grown in summer and autumn, it is a time when the weather is hot and the shade must be shaded. Therefore, it is recommended that vegetable growers can construct a temporary small shed. The outside of the shed can be covered with a shade net, which can not only reduce the temperature but also protect the light and prevent rainstorms.
Ground grass cover or hay.
Regardless of the traditional method of raising seedlings or cultivating seedlings with seedlings, after irrigating the seeds after sowing, the seedbeds can be covered with thin grass rakes, hay, etc., which can cool and moisturize and can greatly increase the emergence rate. When 60% of the seedlings are unearthed, the cover can be peeled off, and the seedlings should be gradually lengthened to see the light, so as to prevent the seedlings from being damaged by the sun.
Increase the number of leaves in the vegetable plant itself to shade it.
When topping the tomatoes in summer season, two layers of leaves should be kept on top of the top fruit. Upper side branches of pepper vegetables, leaving 2 leaves and then go to the head, but also to shade from the cooling effect. There are summer and midsummer outdoor watermelons in the summer season, and vegetable growers generally use their leafy melon vines to cover the melon body, which can also play a role in cooling the shade.
Irrigation cooling.
After irrigation in summer vegetable fields, it is best to cover wheat straw or wheat bran on the surface, or cover a thin layer of dry soil to reduce evaporation of water and reduce ground temperature. In addition, watering takes place in the morning or in the evening. During the rainy season, we must also pay attention to the timely elimination of water in the fields. After the rain, we should use well water to control vegetable fields in order to reduce the temperature. The spray irrigation method can also reduce the ground temperature and increase the air humidity appropriately.
At present, some vegetable farmers make corn between sweet peppers, which is to use the shading effect of corn, which can reduce the field temperature of sweet peppers. Interplanting strawberries in fruit trees is also a principle.

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