Scientific purchase of piglets

Scientifically purchasing Miao pigs is the basis for raising pigs. To buy healthy and long-lasting Miao Pigs, experienced old farmers have “12 Looks” and “6 Don't Buy”.

A look at the mouth shape. The mouth is short and the group is large and full, and the mouth is deep, especially if the jaw is thin. The seedling pigs with neat mandibles and maxillary jaws eat much more. They are not picky eaters, easy to raise, and grow fast.

Second look at the eyes. Eyes are short, eyes are bright pigs, healthy and lively, grow well, the vast majority of disease-free.

Three to see ear and nose. The nostrils should be large, commensurate with the mouth, and the ears should be large and thin, and the ears should be thick and hard, and the pigs with wide ears should eat the president.

Four to see the neck. Not thick or thin, and have - fixed length, sows can be long, boar appropriate short-term, fattening pigs should not be too thick.

Five to see the trunk. Shoulder width. The Miaozhu has high front shoulders, a well-developed dorsal chest, a flat, straight long back, a slightly flattened web, and a yellow-claw belly. The breathing and blood are vigorous and the growth is rapid.

Six to see the tail. As the saying goes: "The tail is like a nail, a pound a day." Miao pigs have thick tails, slightly red tails, and thin tails. They are "T-shaped," and they not only grow fast but also have a gentle temperament.

Seven to see the teat. The nipples are bright and thin, but not less than 6 pairs. It is best to cross evenly, densely before dilute. Relatively 7+6 or relative to 7+8, 8+9 is relatively ideal. This pig has the characteristic of congenital cell division.

Eight see limbs. It requires four legs to be strong, round and thick, long, full muscles of the thighs, round and thick leggings, large and obvious fork forks, moderate body length to body height, large skeleton, and fast growth.

Nine to see fur. The skin is ruddy and clean, the intercostal hair is drooping, the coat is neat, and the thin, smooth, shiny piglets are of good constitution and grow fast. If the rough coat is messy, the pale and dull pigs are mostly sick pigs and stiff pigs.

Ten see weight. The piglets weaned in the same litter, the larger the body weight, the faster the weight gain during normal fattening. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase large-sized piglets, that is, “grab the weight without grabbing light”, to facilitate short-term fattening, full moon, and weighing over 20 pounds. Miao pigs have better disease resistance than those who haven’t had a full moon.

Eleven to see feces. Feces are discharged into strips or lumps, and smooth, loose ones are healthy piglets. The normal urine color is light yellow.

Twelve to see the spirit. Healthy Miao pigs are full of energy, stand naturally, and have a steady pace. When the pig's hind legs were raised, the pigs did not cry or cry, suggesting that the sexual children were not violent and they were slow to respond to the outside world and could adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.

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