How to buy corn combine harvester

Since the beginning of this year, the state has invested a large amount of funds to subsidize farmers' purchase of agricultural machinery, and the vast majority of farmers have benefited greatly. There are also many farmers who consult with the Agricultural Machinery Department. What kind of agricultural machinery you can buy now can help you become rich. We know that in the past few years, many farmers purchased wheat and rice combine harvesters for cross-regional operations and they benefited a lot. With the gradual saturation of the wheat and rice harvest market, what is the next promising agricultural machine? Experts pointed out that the corn combine harvester will be a new tool for farmers to get rich, and new highlights of agricultural machinery development. There are dozens of corn harvesters in China. How should users choose the economical corn combine harvester? The first thing to consider is regional applicability. Most of the corn combine harvesters currently produced in China require harvesting. However, the row spacing of corn in different parts of the country is very different, and the adaptability of existing corn harvesters is limited. Therefore, the corn harvester should not be the first choice for the user. It is not suitable for row corn harvesters to adapt to different row spacings, and does not require manual opening of auxiliary culverts. It can enter operations from different locations in the field and has high operating efficiency, which is very suitable for hand-operated machines for cross-regional harvesting. At present, the main model of China's unacceptable corn harvester is Tianjin Fullcom's 4YW-Q full-range corn combine harvester, which is an agricultural brand in Tianjin. In addition, Jinle, in Beijing, Nonghaha in Hebei, and so on, were not able to produce harvesters. The second is to consider the issue of investment income. China's current corn harvesters are mainly divided into self-propelled, hauling, and backpacking types. The self-propelled model is huge, the price is more expensive, and the investment recovery period is longer; the length of the tractor-type model is 13-15 meters, and it is not suitable for small plots. Considering factors such as crop land, economic level and corn harvester technology level in rural areas of our country, it is appropriate to choose a backpack type. Knapsack models can use existing tractors, with relatively little investment at a time, low operating efficiency, and better maneuverability and maneuverability. They should be the current model of choice. Third, we must consider the supporting nature of power. Tractors currently equipped with corn harvesters generally have more than 50 horsepower. When choosing a corn harvester, farmers must choose the model that matches their existing tractor power. For example, a 50-horsepower tractor can be matched with 2 rows of corn harvesters such as Shandong Xiangnong, Yufeng and Guofeng, while farmers with 55, 600, 654, 700, 724 and other tractors can choose Tianjin Fukang and Hebei Agriculture. Haha, etc., are not right on the line or three rows of corn harvesters. The phenomenon of "small horse-drawn carts" or "big horse-drawn carts" should be avoided to achieve a reasonable match between the tractor and the harvester. Fourth, we must consider product quality and after-sales service issues. From the aspect of product quality, it is necessary to purchase products that have mature technology and are already established. For example, the model of Tianjin Fukang has been put into the market for many years. From the aspect of after-sales service, when selecting the harvester, it is necessary to examine whether the sales and production units have the product “Three Guarantees” capability and whether they can supply spare parts in a timely manner; when purchasing, it is necessary to look at the “three certificates” (product certification, three packs) Credentials, operating instructions) are complete. Fifth, we must consider the straw processing method. The existing corn combine harvesters are equipped with a straw smashing and returning machine, that is, while carrying out the picking operation, the corn stalks are smashed and thrown into the ground to realize the return of straw. However, due to the development of animal husbandry, the demand for corn stalks as a feed is also increasing. Farmers in many regions require that, when harvesting corn ear, retain the straw or recycle the crushed straw for farming. industry. Therefore, at present, some corn harvester manufacturers have proposed a straw recycling program for this purpose. For example, Tianjin Fukang’s straw retention and recovery unit can retain corn stalks for recycling. At the same time, Fukang, Jinle, Xiangnong, etc. have also developed straw smashing and recycling devices that can pick up and smash the straw after picking. Recycled for silage. These devices require the user to make configuration according to the actual needs of the local area. According to the analysis of relevant experts, harvesting operations accounted for 55% of the total maize production labor and labor intensity, which is the main link in corn production. A full-range corn harvester is not required to invest in the harvesting operation. If it is operated for 20 days a year, 800-1000 mu of farmland will be harvested, and the annual income will be 30,000-40,000 yuan. The investment can be recovered in 2 working seasons. It can be said that it is currently investing in agriculture. The best option for mechanical enrichment. From the product's point of view, it is better to choose the backpack type that is compatible with the tractor. Then consider the adaptability to the row spacing and the adaptability to different sizes of plots. The best model to choose should be the full harvest of the line. machine. In view of the above analysis, it is recommended that users who want to purchase a corn combine harvester to carry out cross-regional harvesting, according to the current status of the development of China's corn combine harvester, piggyback wrong line full-range corn combine harvester is the preferred model, the supporting power is more than 60 horsepower The tractor is better. Source: Farmers Daily Author: Hu Wei

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