Drunken egg processing technology

There are two processing methods for drunk eggs. 1, wine, soy sauce mixture processing method: Each processing of 1 kilogram of duck eggs (or eggs) need to use 0.5 kilograms of soy sauce, wine 0.5 kilograms, and mix them into a mixture. The selected fresh eggs are washed and put in cold water, heated and cooked. After the eggs are removed, the eggshells are broken and immersed in a mixture of wine and soy sauce. After 3 days, the eggs can be drunk eggs. The finished product is mellow with a bit of wine, delicious and slightly salty, which is a good food for digestion and appetite. If not eaten immediately, it can be stored for a long time. The soaked feed solution can be reused. 2, salt, spices, Daqu Liquor processing method: pour boiling water into the preparation of drunk eggs in the container, the amount of water to submerge the eggs is appropriate. Then put an appropriate amount of salt, stir evenly add a little pepper or aniseed, until the water cools, pour some Daqu liquor, so that halogen soup can have wine flavor. Place the eggs in a cold water pot and cook until the water is opened for 4-5 minutes. Then the yolk heart is porridge-like. The shell of the egg is cracked and placed in the soup, sealed and sealed for 6-7 days to be eaten. After the drunken egg was cut, it was red and white, and it was full of scent and beauty.

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