Famous green tea storage method

Famous green tea has good quality and high economic benefit. In recent years, production and consumption have been on an upward trend. However, due to its delicate nature, it is easy to degenerate and aging. Therefore, choosing the right packaging materials and proper storage methods are important guarantees for improving the economic value of famous green tea. First, the preservation of famous green tea commonly used methods of preservation of famous green tea to meet four conditions: moisture, oxygen, low temperature, dark. At present, there are several methods for storing and preserving fresh tea: 1. Drying. Use desiccants such as lime, charcoal, and silica gel to control the relative humidity of the tea storage environment to ≤ 60% so as to ensure that the moisture content of the tea is below 6%. 2. Low temperature refrigeration method. Low-temperature refrigeration can slow down the changes in the composition of tea leaves, maintain the color, aroma, and taste of tea leaves. At present, the effect of cold preservation is best, and the refrigerating temperature is controlled at 0~10°C. 3. Deoxygenation and nitrous oxide method. Deoxygenation is to put the oxygen scavenger into the small tea packaging so that the oxygen content in the packaging bag is ≤0.1%. This method is simple, practical and low-cost, and is suitable for all types of tea factories and tea producers. Oxygen-enhanced nitrogen method is to first remove the oxygen in the package and then refill it with nitrogen. It requires high nitrogen purity and low moisture content in tea leaves. This method requires high equipment, one-time investment, suitable for large and medium-sized tea factory. Second, large-packaged tea storage method of preservation of famous green tea post-natal packaging materials generally use sacks lined with plastic bags or coated plastic sacks, its moisture-proof effect is good, but to avoid extrusion. Fresh-keeping methods are most effective in cold storage and fresh-keeping of refrigerators. The relative humidity is controlled at about 65% and the temperature is 0 to 10°C. Cold storage should pay attention to ventilation and dehumidification, every 2 to 3 years for a cold storage repair and cleaning. The famous green tea stored by this method still has good quality after 1 year, but the disadvantage is that the equipment investment is large and the cost is high. Third, the small package of tea storage preservation method The current popular small packaging materials for iron cans, aluminum cans, OPP / PE composite materials, etc., its overall barrier effect is poor. Generally high-end premium green tea is made of paper cans and aluminum cans with soft linings with good barrier properties, such as PET/AL/CPP, PET/OPP and other composite materials. In recent years, the development of cans has resulted in a very good preservation effect. Small package tea is generally combined with desiccant drying, oxygen scavenging agent deoxygenation, nitrogen purging and other technologies, and then using cold storage cold storage effect is more ideal. Fourth, the preservation of family tea Use of family green tea should buy small-size packaging of tea, or the large-packaged tea in batches. The methods of preservation are: 1. Lime storage. Choose a container with good sealability, and use a desiccant such as lime, silica gel, and charcoal. Wrap tea leaves in a container with kraft paper, seal the container, and place it in a cool place. 2. Refrigerator refrigeration. The method works well and is simple and easy, but it must be avoided with other foods so as not to affect the flavor of the tea. Tea Packaging Bags should be made of materials with good barrier properties. At the same time, one or two layers of high-density polyethylene bags can be placed on the outside of the packaging bag. 3. Thermos storage. The tea leaves to be stored are placed in an empty thermos and covered. If you do not use it for a while, seal it with wax and keep it for a few months.

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