Xinjiang Obtained Color Cotton New Line Seeds by Cloning and Transgenic Technology

The Xinjiang Natural Color Cotton Research Institute obtained genetically-transplanted and cloned technologies to obtain the newly-expressed fibrotic seeds of three new varieties of cotton, red, blue, and black. Since 2002, Xinjiang China Coloured Cotton Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural University and many other research institutes have carried out the transduction of color cotton pigment genes on Hainan Island. Researchers obtained several grains of red, blue, and black fiber seeds that are currently expressed in tens of thousands of transduced flower bells. Zhang Zhennan, director of the Xinjiang Natural Colour Cotton Research Institute, said that at present these three strains still have the problem of uneven pigment expression and inability to inherit the offspring. After this difficult problem is resolved, our colorful cotton line will be more colorful. Natural colored cotton is a kind of cotton that has brown, green and other colors when boll opening, using modern biological engineering techniques such as hybridization and gene transduction. It can eliminate complicated printing and dyeing processes by using its spinning woven fabrics. The cost of production reduces the harmful effects of chemicals on the human body. Since the 1960s, some countries have successively carried out the breeding of colored cotton varieties. Currently, there are only two basic types of colored cotton planted in the world, namely brown and green. According to different degrees of shade, the brown cotton is divided into brown, pink, brown, yellow and light yellow, and the green cotton is divided into blue. Color, light blue, light gray, beige and so on.

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This methods of production can open and active the wax layer on the surface of Goji , release more than 90% active substances. More conducive to absorb nutritional of Goji ,and achieve balanced nutrition absorption. End the era that Chinese people drink medicinal liquor to preserve health and start a new fashion lifestyle to use goblet drink Goji wine. Compare to traditional steeping wine , not only with technology, flavor, color, but also with the value of nutritional health , Ningxiahong goji wine has a qualitative leap!

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