How to give gas stoves tune

Gas digesters with normal gas production have high methane content and require more air for combustion. Biogas digesters with just-injected or just-changed gas production are not normal. The methane content is low, and if there is too much air, it will go off and extinguish. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the damper according to the specific situation. The flaps are two butterfly stainless steel pieces, divided into large fire dampers and small fire dampers. They are located at the front end of the inlet of the burner, and the lid closes the damper. When the stove is in normal use, first adjust the large fire door and then turn the small fire door first. The normal flame is blue; the red flame indicates that the methane content is low and the gas is impure. When the flames leave the furnace and burn, the amount of air entering the air is too large; the flames are connected into one piece, which is too small. When the air door is too small, the flames are very high. They seem to be very hot. This kind of flame has a low calorific value. Generally, a piezoelectric ignition cooker can use electronic ignition only when the quality is good. If the gas is not pure, do not rush to use electronic ignition. The electronic ignition cooker is a high-efficiency and energy-saving biogas stove with a large pressure range, but the ideal pressure is 1.6 kPa. If the pressure is high, the biogas flow needs to be reduced by adjusting the switch. (Source: "Agricultural Technology Service" period 2004.6)

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