Successfully Breeding Rats with Oocytes in Japan

Researchers at the Kyoto University's Faculty of Agriculture in Japan developed oocytes from oocytes extracted from adult mice and were implanted in the uterus of other female mice after micro-insemination. Rats were born successfully. There are tens of thousands of oocytes that have not developed in the early stage of the ovarian surface of mammals, but the cells that grow into eggs are very limited. Only about 500 human oocytes can grow into eggs. But so far it has been very difficult to grow the individual oocytes into eggs. Japanese researchers used special methods to transplant oocytes collected from the surface of adult rat ovaries into mouse kidneys with ineffective immune function. After 10 days of development, they were taken out and cultured in vitro to obtain mature eggs. The researchers performed microscopic fertilization of the eggs and implanted them in the uteri of other female rats. The researchers conducted 5 experiments and successfully developed 10 pups. The researchers said that this technology is expected to be used for the treatment of infertility, but also for the preservation of livestock breeds.

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