Technical points of hatching of rainbow trout fertilized eggs

1, the entire incubation process must be strictly light, fertilized eggs hatch in the dark, light can kill fertilized eggs. 2. Keep the incubator's good water quality and rich dissolved oxygen. The dissolved oxygen in the water is 6-8 mg/l or more, and not less than 5 mg/l in a short time. The pH is neutral or slightly alkaline. 3, the water temperature is controlled at 5-15 °C, with 7-13 °C as the most appropriate. 4. During the incubation process, the dead eggs should be removed in time to prevent saprophytic infection. However, within 5-15 days after the fertilization (the period from the original intestinal stage to the somite stage), the fertilized eggs are very sensitive and cannot withstand severe vibrations. During the removal of dead eggs, attention must be paid. During the entire incubation period, the average fish should be cleared of dead eggs for 4-5 days. Dead eggs are gray and white, which is easy to distinguish from good eggs. After the eye-opening period and the eye-opening period, the dead eggs can be separated by 10.5% and 10.0% salt, respectively, without having to pick one by one. In the above-mentioned concentration of salt water, the dead eggs rise due to the small specific gravity. To prevent saprophytic infection, use a (malachite green) solution to disinfect the water by mixing 1/20 to 300,000 malachite green solution into the hatchery and disinfecting the eggs, one hour at a time, once a week. The fertilized egg develops to a time when the eyeball is clearly visible, and it is called an ovum. Since rainbow trout is thick and opaque, it is difficult to calculate the fertilization rate, instead of the eye rate. The eye-opening rate refers to the percentage of oocytes that are borne by the eye.


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