Characteristics of microwave expansion equipment

The microwave heating speed is fast, and the internal gas temperature of the material increases rapidly. Due to the mass transfer and the slow rate, the heated gas is in a highly pressurized state, and there is a trend of penetrating. When a certain pressure is reached, the material will puff. For high moisture content materials, moisture evaporates in a large amount at the beginning of drying, which causes the surface temperature of the product to drop. The effect of penetrating is a bit poor. When the moisture content is less than 20%, the viscosity of the material increases, resulting in moisture and air in the internal voids of the material. Difficult to appear and in a state of high accumulation, which can produce a good effect. There are many factors affecting the effect of materialization. In terms of the material itself, the tissue is loose, the fiber content is not easy to be pened, and the high protein, high starch, high collagen or high pectin material, due to heating these chemical groups Sub-"cooking", has a good film properties, can produce a package gas, foaming, drying to fix the state of foaming, can get a good puffed product. The microwave heating process can effectively process the puffed product by reducing the pressure. For example, the usual method is to heat and dry to make the material reach the level of 15%-20%, and then use microwave heating to rapidly reduce the pressure of the microwave heating system. The gas wrapped in the material is quickly released, and the resulting product is bulky. Microwave puffing can be used for the processing of snack foods of various raw materials (starch, protein, meat).
The microwave expansion equipment is a new atmospheric expansion technology that uses microwave radiation to heat and vaporize the moisture in the material, thereby promoting the expansion of the food material tissue. Microwave puffing, because of its fast heating speed, short heating time of food, compared with extrusion puffing and frying puffing, it is not easy to cause some unnecessary chemical reaction of food, and does not increase the fat of food, and retains the product better. The original flavor, so microwave puffing is widely used in starchy foods (such as corn, glutinous rice, millet), protein foods (such as soybeans), mixed foods (such as shrimp slices, etc.). The metric small food is a good application direction for microwave expansion.
The microwave expansion equipment is an efficient, energy-saving, stable, reliable, simple equipment, easy to operate and new technology. The characteristics of the microwave extruder are that the equipment is continuously produced, only needs electricity, does not need other energy sources, can quickly puff the product, the equipment occupies a small area, no pollution, simple operation; no preheating is required, and there is no Energy loss. Less labor and high product quality. The equipment is highly advanced and is a high-tech product that cannot be replaced by other equipment.
The microwave expansion equipment can puff processing the snack foods such as barley, apple slices, lobster slices and artificial rice.

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