Belt filter press belt use precautions

Belt filter press belt use precautions

one. Power on : Check all parts of the filter press and associated water before starting. Whether the electricity and gas are normal , the air compressor can be started normally.
(1) . According to the elastic level of the filter belt, adjust the air pressure to 0.25 0.35Mpa to start the main engine.
(2) . Open the sludge pump by running the filter belt at a certain rate.
⑶. The pool was concentrated sludge sludge (sludge flow type determination) at a constant flow pump into the mixing bucket dosing, dosing pump is turned on while the quantitative dosing (flow agent integrated debugging and experimentally determined). Adjust the flow rate and the flow rate of the sludge by adjusting the ball valve . Start the reaction stirring motor deceleration and dehydration stirring cage motor reducer.
â‘·. Dewatered and filtered off with spray ball cage, starting spray pump, with high-pressure water main pressure mud during the spray cleaning, dehydration and lower filter belt filter, filter press in order to ensure the smooth sludge dewatering is Shutdown : The filter press is working.


II. Shutdown and cleaning machine.
â‘´. Stop into the mud sludge and dosing pumps and dosing pumps shut down.
(2) . Run the filter belt at a certain rate.
(3) . After draining the remaining sludge in the mixing tank to the filter belt, the sludge on the filter belt is completely filtered.
(4) . It is necessary to thoroughly clean the filter belt and the dewatering stirring cage . Open each spray ball valve , start the spray pump , make the filter belt filter belt run for several times , spray cleaning filter belt and dewatering cage filter . Pay attention to the spray When cleaning the dewatering cage , the dehydration and agitation motor reducer should be turned on , so that the dewatering cage can be thoroughly cleaned during the rotation process and the dewatering cage is cleaned.
(5) . Turn off the spray pump , and the main unit and the dehydration cage motor turn off the air compressor.
⑹. Stop the air supply. If the filter does not work for a long time, should be drained of gas pressure within the system, a pneumatic system to extend the life of high pressure hose and finally with artificial irrigation water receiving tray each other slime and mud residues At

⑺. Ensure the machine clean and tidy, pay attention when washing, do not get water on the motor and electrical box.

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