Misunderstanding and solution of positive pressure seal test

For food packaging QS certification, the production of plastic anti-theft caps, packaging cans, etc. need an instrument: positive pressure seal tester, but currently a widely used test method is to pump air into the bottle, test the leakage within 60 seconds .

In the test of the gas cylinder cap, we found that the fatal defect of this instrument is the powerful destructive force, which is not suitable for use in the laboratory.

Taking a 2 liter Coke bottle as an example, according to the sealing performance requirements of the bottle cap, it is required to continuously observe for 60 seconds under the pressure of 1.209 MPa, requiring no leakage or slippage. At this time, if the bottle fails, an explosion will occur, and 2 liters of high pressure gas with a pressure of 1.209 MPa will be instantaneously released to injure people. The face of the tester with a side distance of 5 meters has red pain. The distance above the test bucket is 7 meters and the thickness is 4 mm. The window glass is broken. The mouth of the stainless steel barrel with a diameter of about 50 cm and a height of 70-80 cm bursts.

In addition, because of the explosion defect of the method, the sample was placed in an opaque stainless steel tank, and the tester left far, so it was difficult to observe whether it leaked.

According to the above problems, Beijing Landmeike Company organized relevant scientific and technological groups to tackle the problem and invented the domestic blank ZY-30 series positive pressure leak tester. The instrument uses the unique technology to subtly test the seal part locally. Not only does it avoid the explosion, but it also increases the accuracy of existing instruments on the market by a factor of ten. Moreover, the ZY-302 positive pressure leak tester can also use two stations to measure two samples at a time, achieving a multi-effect. Because there are no explosion defects, the tester can observe the leakage situation at a close distance in a transparent observation window.

At present, the instrument has been introduced to the market, and the brief indicators are as follows:

Constant pressure accuracy: ±0.1%

Timing accuracy: <0.01%

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