Catering waste oil water recycling has a convenient new technology

There are more than 3 million restaurants in China, which emit nearly 100 million tons of waste oil every year. However, most of the waste oil is directly discharged into the sewer without treatment. A large amount of waste oil is wasted due to lack of recycling technology; It also increases the load on the relevant sewage system and increases the sewage charges of the catering enterprises. Recently, the recycling of catering waste oil water technology, which is not efficient with the addition of power and chemicals, but with high separation efficiency of oil and water, has been successfully developed and certified by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
The technology adopts the process of gravity sedimentation as the main process, and adopts integrated equipment to process the catering waste oil. It has small floor space, low investment, convenient operation and management, and is free from climate and temperature restrictions. It can realize waste oil discharge on site. The technology can be applied to restaurants, hotels and food and fat processing enterprises of all sizes. The recycled animal and plant waste oil can be concentrated for the production of biodiesel, which is beneficial to the national energy security and avoids the re-inflow of waste oil into the table. Harm the health and safety of the people. Experts have identified that the oil-water separation technology has realized the automatic oil discharge and drainage through the principle of particle size classification, slanting plate oil separation and oil dripping, integrated coalescence and siphoning, and overcomes the traditional waste oil water treatment technology. The drawback is that no additional power and chemicals are needed in use, and there is no need to flush the maintenance equipment frequently.

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