What are the causes of fever during the production of microwave equipment?

Microwave equipment will find such problems in the process of use. In the production process (especially for a long time), the heating box of the equipment will generate heat, and the serious heat will cause the beaker to not be electrically. However, microwave equipment manufacturers generally introduce customers before selling equipment: "Because the metal does not absorb microwaves, the microwave equipment heating box will not heat normally, so the production workshop can maintain a good environment."

But why do you have the above fever? The specific reasons are as follows:

1. The microwave absorption performance of the product itself is relatively poor. After the microwave is fed into the rear part of the box, the microwave can not be absorbed by the product in time and stays inside and refracted inside the box. When there is a gap in the connection part of the box, it will generate “fire” and heat. This causes the temperature of the equipment cabinet to gradually rise.

2, the ventilation system of the workshop environment, the equipment exhaust system is not good, after using the equipment for a long time, the heat generated by the microwave equipment electrical equipment is less. Causes the device to heat up.

3, the use of microwave equipment baking materials require high temperature baking. When the material is heated and baked inside the cabinet, part of the heat is also transmitted to the top of the box, and the heat will cause the appliance to burn out for a long time.

4, industrial microwave equipment for a long time without a good heat dissipation ventilation system caused by electrical devices, equipment heating.

5. As the equipment is in the production process, some materials fall to the bottom of the box and have not been cleaned for a long time, which causes the material to absorb microwaves for a long time and heat or burn, causing local heating of the equipment.

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