Several problems in the use of material hoist

Guide: The material hoist is equipped with safety protection devices such as broken rope protection safety device, parking safety device, buffer device, upper and lower height and limit stopper, anti-loose rope device.

Use aspect

How to properly use and operate the equipment is very important, which means that the human factor is the key. Due to the generally low quality of construction workers, lack of necessary safety knowledge and safety awareness, and insufficient safety training, it also often causes some safety accidents.

(1) Equipment maintenance is not enough

Equipment operators do not understand the performance of the equipment, lack of maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, resulting in leakage, abnormal noise and vibration of equipment such as electric motors, reducers, winches, etc., thus greatly reducing the service life of the equipment and directly affecting the civilized construction on site.

(2) Randomly remove some safety protection devices on the equipment

Such as upper and lower limit stoppers, safety gates, safety docking devices, etc. (this is the most important safety device - editor).

(3) illegal operation

For example, if people take the hoist up and down, do not use the safety docking device during operation, and extend the head into the frame body, this is an unsafe behavior and should be resolutely put an end to it.

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