Steam hot pot is gradually becoming a new "food"

Steam hot pot is gradually becoming a new "food"

It is a traditional hot pot to eat meat and vegetarian dishes in the boiled soup for cooking. Nowadays, in the city of Chenzhou City, a new type of hot pot with "steaming" as the main staple food has been recognized by many citizens. This hot pot is a steam hot pot.

So what is the way to eat "steamed" for beauty? A steamer was placed in the middle of a large round table with a perforated aluminum pan. The ingredients can be eaten by cooking on an aluminum pan for a few minutes. The water that comes out after cooking the ingredients is returned to the bottom of the pot to form soup water. Finally, the aluminum pan is removed and the rice noodles are boiled and eaten.

A table of diners who are eating steam hot pots are putting small pieces of muscles, paprika, fish fillets, corn, garlic and sour melons that have been marinated in an aluminum pan. These ingredients are covered with aluminum pans, but they do not overlap, and then cover. On the lid, after a few minutes, the ingredients are steamed. The table diners are all from Cangwu County. One of the diners said that they have never eaten this kind of steam hot pot. This time it is to taste new. Another diners said that cooking instead of frying would result in a lot less soot and a healthier eating.

Since it is all cooking, what will the taste be like? Because it has been marinated beforehand, it tastes good and does not require a separate sauce. After eating all the dishes, the diners opened the aluminum pan and put the rice noodles in the soup at the bottom of the hot pot. “The juice of all the ingredients flows down to form a mixed soup, which makes the taste of the rice noodles very good.”

In fact, as early as 1998, this kind of diet that was directly cooked in front of diners has been introduced into Ganzhou from Guangdong. The cookware at that time was just a corrugated pot. The pebbles were preheated in the heat. A layer of perforated aluminum plate was placed on the stone, and then the cooked fish fillets, chicken pieces and other ingredients were placed, and the soup was drenched. To cook, this is the same as the iron plate and stone pot dish we usually eat.

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