Application of wrap packaging in bottle making

First, the advantages of block bricks compared with traditional packaging

1. Really realize the integrated wrap, the block brick is not easy to disperse, and the overall appearance after packaging is more beautiful.

2. When the temperature is high, it can prevent the loss of water and ensure the quality of the brick.

3, in cold conditions, the temperature of the brick does not drop

4, the packaging cost is only equivalent to the packaging cost of the PP belt

After the steel strip is packed, the brick is easy to rust after being placed for a long time and it is not easy to remove the aesthetic effect of the brick. The customers in the glass bottle industry are mainly white wine bottles.

Second, the bottle

The bottles are individually layered to the tray, and the layers are separated by plastic partitions or paper partitions. Each layer is packed with more than 100 bottles, generally 8 layers, more than 2 meters high. Need to use high-level equipment.

Third, the can

Because the small cans are lighter, they are bundled first (the layers are palletized to the tray, and the layers are separated by plastic or paper separators). The stacking is generally more than 2 meters high. High-level equipment is required, and the topping equipment is selected as appropriate.

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