Preventing deviation when working with a tractor

When the tractor is working on the farmland, it is easy to run away. At this time, not only is the operation difficult, but also the wear of the related parts is accelerated and the quality of the work is seriously affected. Therefore, we should pay attention to it and pay attention to prevention.

1. Plowing

Hand tractor tractor unidirectional double plow operation. The driving wheel on one side is not on the arable land. The other side of the drive wheel in the furrow. The coefficient of adhesion between the two wheels and the ground is different, and the slip ratio varies, causing the crew to drift in one direction. For Dongfeng 12-type walking tractor, the following adjustments can be made to solve: Adjust the gap between the left and right two adjusting screws and the intermediate connecting frame on the traction frame (swinging clearance), and adjust the 681 one-way double hoe to 1. About 5mm, the 1LS 220 and 701 unidirectional double ploughs are adjusted to about 5 mm. In the process of ploughing, if the tractor is still found to be driving to the right, you can loosen the two fastening screws, rotate the extension of the left adjustment screw, and rotate the extension of the right screw. Until the armrests are released, the unit can travel normally along the trench walls.

2. Rotary work

Possible causes of biased driving during rotary tillage operations: rear wheels are deformed, the tail shaft is not assembled in the fork and the tail wheel is deflected: the bearings on the tail shaft are damaged or severely worn: the coulter is loaded wrongly or broken, dropped . When deviation phenomenon occurs in rotary tillage operation, related parts should be corrected, repaired, reinstalled or replaced according to specific conditions. Before the problem is solved, steering clutch correction should be avoided as much as possible. Instead, use the method of pushing and pulling the handrail frame to correct the deviation.

3. Sowing operation

When a tractor is used for sowing. More than two kinds of supporting conditions: First, tractor seeder. Such as ABQ-8 type grain planter; the second is the synchronous transmission of ZBG-6A rice seed drill. The main reason for the deviation of the unit during the sowing operation is that the installation height of the sowing head (or furrow opener) is inconsistent or is not symmetrical in the direction of sowing, and the rotary shearing coulter is incorrectly configured or broken during installation, and the towing frame collides. Deformation is skewed. Due to the above reasons. In the sowing operation, the resistance in the direction of sowing is not equal, and the torsional moment is generated, causing the unit to deviate. For this purpose, the technical status of the planter should be carefully checked before sowing, and the rotary cutting coulters should be configured and installed as required. The sowing head (or opener) should be symmetrically configured. Ensure that the installation height is consistent and agronomic.

4. Harvesting

Walking tractors are mainly equipped with 4GL-130 harvesters. The main reason for unit deviation is that the cutting clearance of the harvester varies in the cutting direction. The cutting resistance is different: the side of the cutting knife is high and low, the cutting height is different when harvesting, and the working resistance is not equal; the cutting width is not properly selected; the ground is uneven. The corresponding measures should be taken for specific reasons.

5. Trenching operation The typical manual tractor configuration is mainly 1KSQ-35A (front type) or 1KSH-35A (rear type) small-disc type trencher, which is mainly used for digging field drains. The main reason for the poor linearity of the trenching operation is that the centerline deviation between the plane centerline of the cutterhead and the center axis of the driving axle of the tractor exceeds the specified limit (1KSQ-35A tolerance 8mm, 1KSH-35A tolerance 5mm): Distortion of the cutterhead, rack Deformed skewed. The coulter was installed incorrectly, and the coulter was broken and fell off. Care should be taken to check and correct the cutter head and frame. Correctly install rotary cutting coulter, carefully adjust the position of the cutter head, and find that the coulter is broken and falling off, and it should be stopped and extinguished immediately. Replace parts.

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