The processing technology of clear water ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) cans

(1) Drying: Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is placed in a drying oven at 70-75°C for 15 to 19 hours. After drying, the ginkgo-soled underwear film and pulp are easily peeled off. The moisture content is about 35% to 38% (shelled).

(2) Precooking: boiled for about 8 minutes, precooked and dried in time to make the shell crisp.

(3) Shelling: Adjust the roller spacing to roll the shell, require the shell to be broken, the meat is not broken, remove the shell by hand and remove the mildew and insects.

(4) Peeling: Wash the film with direct steam (80 to 110 seconds each time). The fruit that has not been removed is selected for rewashing, and the broken pulp is removed.

(5) Precooked with salt water: The flesh of the clothes should be boiled in 2% salt water for 8 minutes, rinsed with clear water, washed and minced.

(6) Sorting: Whole flesh of fruit, yellowish-white color, no peeling, cracked meat, spots, insects, and stiffness. Divided into two grades by size.

(7) With soup: 0.05% citric acid solution.

(8) canning: net weight 397 grams, 165 grams of white meat, soup full.

(9) Exhaust and seal.

(10) Sterilization and cooling: The sterilization formula is (15 to 30 to 15)/115°C.

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