Key points about clean vegetable processing technology

Clean dishes are also called freshly sterilized vegetables. That is to say, a newly-picked vegetable is vacuum-packed in a sterile environment after being processed (such as removing inedible parts, cutting, etc.), washing, and disinfecting. The following is only an example.
(A) The product features fresh vegetables, convenient and sanitary, can be directly into the pot cooking, refrigerator fresh up to 1 week.
(2) Main raw materials: fresh pepper, garlic sprout, rapeseed, carrot, celery, cauliflower, etc., citric acid.
(C) The main equipment sterile operation room (or sterile room), vacuum packaging machine, sterilization pot, refrigerator.
(4) Process Fresh vegetables → Finishing (removing inedible parts) → Washing → Pre-cooking → Cooling → Cuts, blocks → Washing → Over weighing → Bagging → Sealing → Finished products (stored in the refrigerator)
Note: Scale, bagging, and sealing are performed in the sterile room.
(E) Operational Notes 1. Precooking: Dish: Water = 1:3, and add 0.5% citric acid and continue stirring. For tubers, roots, such as carrots, cauliflower, precooking temperature 95 ~ 100 °C, time 45 ~ 50 seconds. For stems, vegetables containing more chlorophyll, such as celery, garlic sprouts, rape, etc., precooking temperature 100 °C, time 10 to 20 seconds, adding water after boiling. Precooking should be thorough, but also try to maintain its flavor, color, texture, in particular, can not be soft or rough fibrous.
2Cooling: It can be cooled by flowing water or cold air.
3 Sealing: When sealing, the vacuum level is close to 0.1 MPa. The sealing should be tight and smooth.
4 sterile room control: use air filters to filter air, must be used to disinfect ultraviolet light for 30 minutes before work.
5 Finished product preservation: It is better to store at low temperature and dark place.
(6) The product quality indicators stored in the refrigerator for 1 week are still fresh, the degree of deterioration is very low, and the food quality is good.

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