Meat pigeon cage technology

At present, the feeding methods of meat pigeons are mostly free-range, stocking and captive. These methods have high costs, poor product quality and low economic benefits. Cage culture, on the other hand, can significantly increase yield and survival rates, and facilitate management, reduce disease, and save feed.

The cage consists of 11 4-cm square wooden bars. The cages are 2 meters high and 0.5 meters long. Each cage has 4 floors, each with 5 cells. There is a moving plate under the grid to facilitate the cleaning of pigeon droppings. One breeder pigeon is stocked per square. Before and after the cage, use 1cm wide and 0.5cm thick wooden strips or bamboo strips to pinch them up and down. There are food troughs and sinks outside each floor, and the troughs are above the troughs.

Disinfection First use a 10% lime solution to spray the cage thoroughly. The cage is sterilized with 2% lime water every other month after the pigeons have been quarantined to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases and purify the home environment.

There are two ways to get pigeons on the pigeons. One is to select the pigeons from the healthy and breeding pigeons they own, and the other is to pick and choose among other farmers. This is higher than the pairing rate and survival rate of pigeons purchased in the market.

The feed is mainly corn, supplemented with wheat, sorghum, soybeans, etc., and the cost price per kilogram is about 1.0 yuan. In addition, it is equipped with health sand, which consists of red clay, sand, years of lime slag, and a small amount of shells and bone meal.

The epidemic was supplemented with 0.05 grams each of tetracycline and 4,000 units of penicillin in each tank, and was conducted every 2 months.

Mobile Milking Machine/Portable cow milking machine

Milking Machine with Stainless Steel Shelf for Cow

Portable cow milking machine is important equipments for today's dairy industry, it is widely used in small, medium and large farms. Also personal use is more and more common. Milking machine consists of vacuum pump, milk pulsator, electric motor, milk bucket etc.  And the motor could be used electric motor, diesel motor and gasoline motor.

milking machine

Operating Vacuum Degree


Pulsation Times

60-80 times per minute

Pulsation Rate


Power Fitted


Gasoline Engine Standard KW Power and Rotating Speed



110V 220V 240V or 380V

The Number of Milking Cattle Per Hour

20-24 cows per hour

Motor Speed

1440 rpm per minute

The Number of Stainless Steel Milk Bucket

two(each of capacity of 25kg)

Milking Machine

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