The principle of pest control of bayberry

The general principle is to implement the plant protection policy of "prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control." Combine plant quarantine, agricultural control, physical control, biological control, and chemical control organically, and carefully grasp the following:
(1) From an ecological point of view, consider environmental protection, ecological balance, reduction of poisons, and cost-effectiveness.
(2) It is not necessary to eliminate all pests as long as it does not cause any economic loss to Yangmei. Otherwise, it will not only waste a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, but also make the natural enemies of pests unable to obtain proper food and fade or use pesticides to directly kill them.
(3) As far as possible, agricultural, physical, and biological methods are used to prevent and control. Under normal circumstances, chemical control is not applied to produce veritable green foods and organic foods.
(4) When the use of non-pesticides is imperative, pesticides with high efficacy, low toxicity, and low residue should be used to reduce the impact on the human body and the environment while effectively protecting the resources of natural enemies and reducing pests and diseases.

Using the latest computer graphics and image technology, the patient is placed in a virtual environment, by picking technology, make the person can see on the screen or take the form of virtual figure, according to the change of scene and in the screen prompt to do all kinds of action, to keep the screen scene pattern continues, until finally complete the training goals.

Situational Rehabilitation Equipment

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