How to increase the milk production of dairy cows

First, science breeding. In order to produce more milk for dairy cows, it must be scientifically reared according to physiological changes and different physiological stages and milk yields of dairy cows. Early lactation: The body is weak within 3 days after delivery and the function of the digestive tract has not been restored. 7 days after childbirth, the appetite and digestive function of the cow gradually improved, and the concentrate and succulent feed can gradually increase the amount of feed. Lactation period: 7-8 kilograms after childbirth; 30 kilograms of daily milk to concentrate 8-10 kilograms; 40 kilograms of daily milk to concentrate 10-12 kilograms. The maximum should not exceed 15 kg. At the same time, it supplies 20 kilograms of silage every day, 3-5 kilograms of root-based feed, and no more than 10 kilograms of dregs. Hay can freely feed. Late lactation: cows produce an average of 15 kg of milk per day to 5-6 kg. Hay is free to eat.

Second, the use of additives: 1, vitamin additives. Rural dairy cows fed too much straw, vitamin A deficiency, not only affect the normal reproduction, and the yak congenital blindness of the growing number of people, it should be fed a green and blue juicy feed or vitamin A. Supplement vitamin A at 8,000 IU per 100 kg of body weight or no less than 18-19 mg of carotene. 2, buffering agent. Some growers increase the amount of concentrate feed for the purpose of increasing production, which leads to high acidity in the rumen, mitigating microbial activity in the rumen, and suffering from various diseases. According to the experiment, the concentrate in the diet accounted for 60%, the coarse material accounted for 40%, and 1.5% sodium bicarbonate and 0.8% magnesium oxide were added to the dairy cows. The daily milk production per head increased by approximately 3.8 kilograms. 3, cellulase additives. As a growth promoter, it can increase the digestion and decomposition rate of cellulose, reduce the feed consumption of dairy cows, and increase milk production. According to experiments, dairy cows are fed 20 grams a day and supplemented with 1.5 kilograms of starchy feeds. The course of treatment is 14-21 days, and milk production can be increased by 10%. 4. Unconventional mineral feed additives. Such as natural zeolite, medical stone, rare earth, etc., have unique physical and chemical properties, and contain the constants and trace elements that cows need. So it can not only improve the digestibility of nutrients, but also promote the growth of dairy cows. Adding 5% zeolite to the dairy cow diet can increase milk production by 7.1%. The milk fat rate increased by 0.2%; adding 3 grams of rare earth to the diet can increase milk production by 2.3 kilograms.

Third, add salt: dairy cows in the milk period, the body of chlorine ion demand more than usual. If dairy cows take insufficient chlorine ions in their diets, the body's metabolism will be disturbed, causing the cow's physiology to lose its balance. This will cause the cows to lose appetite, lose weight, and reduce milk production from Nanchang. Therefore, in order to ensure the health of dairy cows during production, dairy cows should produce more milk. In addition to feeding cows with protein-rich concentrate, a certain amount of feed must be added (1.8% to 2.4% of the dry weight of feed). Salt, to meet the cow's body's need for chloride ions, increase milk production above 15%.

Fourth, provide adequate drinking water: If dairy cows do not drink enough water, it will reduce appetite, slow digestion, affect milk production. Insufficient drinking water for a long time can also lead to metabolic disorders in dairy cows, reduce resistance to diseases, and cause serious deaths. Water stress is an indispensable and important substance in the metabolism of dairy cows, and it also regulates body temperature. Drinking water can be supplied at 3-5 times the amount of daily production, even more in the summer, and the drinking water should be kept fresh and clean. In winter, it is best to drink warm water close to body temperature.

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