Agricultural machinery "winter" how to keep

1. Remove dirt, oil, debris, etc. on the machine. The part to be lubricated by the machine is filled with lubricating oil and the body is painted. Do a good job of preventing rust and corrosion. Can effectively extend the service life of the equipment and avoid unnecessary investment losses.

2. There must be a rainproof, sunproof, ventilated, and dry machine room (carport). Do not store it in the open air. Do theft prevention, fire prevention, and safe keeping.

3. When the temperature in winter is low and the locomotive finishes its work, it is necessary to let go of the cooling water in time. Regardless of tractors, agricultural vehicles that are temporarily put into storage, or combine harvesters that are not used for a long period of time, they must open radiator radiator valves, cylinder water jacket drain valves and water tank covers, and crank the crankshaft after entering the warehouse. Exhausted to prevent freezing in cold weather.

4, first open the water valve, fill the water tank about 70 °C hot and cold water, until the discharge valve out of a hot feeling of hot water, and then close the drain valve, fill the tank about 90 °C water. When driving on icy and snowy roads, it is necessary to slow down the speed at a low speed. The locomotive must keep a certain distance from the people and vehicles in front; when turning, it is necessary to slow down and slow down the steering wheel. It is forbidden to drive at high speeds and emergency brakes to avoid a slippery accident.

5. The fuel system should be cleaned once. According to regulations, diesel and motor oil used in winter are selected. Generally choose to use the diesel condensation point lower than the local temperature of 5 °C -10 °C, oil must use the viscosity of the 8th smaller engine oil. Before adding the diesel fuel to the fuel tank, it is generally necessary to precipitate for 48-96 hours. After filtering with a silk net, add the fuel tank.

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