Winter and spring season to ensure that the sheep drink enough warm water

Due to the low temperature in the winter and spring seasons, if the goats are given cold water or even chilled water, the sheep are reluctant to drink, resulting in insufficient water for the sheep. This not only slows down the digestive process of the sheep's feed, impedes metabolism in the body, reduces sensation, but also causes various diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to create water conditions for the sheep in production to ensure adequate drinking water.

Drinking Water Temperature If the temperature of the water the sheep drink is too low, the water must absorb the heat from the sheep's own feed, which will reduce the feed utilization rate. Therefore, the temperature of the sheep's drinking water in the winter and spring season is preferably 20-30 °C.

Drinking water In order to promote the sheep to drink more water and drink enough water, the sheep can be given concentrated feed soup. The method is: first use open water to open the concentrate feed, stir evenly, make it into a paste, and then on a certain amount of water, stir evenly to the sheep to drink.

The amount of drinking water intake of 1 kilogram of dry matter requires 3 to 5 kilograms of water. Therefore, in winter and spring, depending on the situation of sheep feeding on forage grass, the sheep should drink 3 to 5 times of dry matter quality water.

Drinking time fasting drink sheep, if the water temperature is low, will make the sheep's body temperature suddenly drop, easy to make the sheep a cold fever, pregnant ewes fasting drink cold water easy to abortion. In the production, the sheep should be given water after feeding the grass for 1 hour. This can also make the water and the forage mixed well in the rumen of the sheep and help digestion.

The number of drinking water to the sheep drinking water in the morning and evening is appropriate twice. Drink at least once if conditions are not met, but be careful about drinking.

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