Adopting matching technology to quickly fatten beef cattle

1. Variety is the key To improve the economic benefits by introducing good varieties and using heterosis to increase the output and quality of livestock products.

Second, feed is based on weaning from beef cattle to 150 kg, feeding 70% of silage (including high quality grass and hay), 30% of compound feed; 150 to 400 kg, feeding 80% to 85% of silage , 15% to 20% of the compound feed; 400 kg to the slaughter, feeding 70% of silage or 40% of silage, 30% of distiller's grains, plus 30% of compound feed for fattening, reaching 18 months of age and weighing 500 Can be slaughtered when kilograms.

Third, feeding and management is the key to raising a good fattening cattle should grasp several key links: First, do a good grasp of the feeding and management of pregnant cows, especially in the late pregnancy, to ensure that the calf's birth weight more than 30 kilograms; Second, do a good job of lactation Feeding management ensures that weaning cows weigh more than 80 kg at 3 months of age. Third, we choose the best age for fattening. Under normal circumstances, the growth rate of beef cattle decreases with age. Therefore, it is necessary to select the cattle fattening around the age of The 18-month-old slaughter weight of 500 kg or more; Fourth, the best choice for fattening autumn and winter season.

Fourth, do a good job of epidemic prevention is to ensure that the health of epidemic prevention is the guarantee for the development of cattle production, is an important part of improving the economic benefits of cattle. Beef cattle vaccine was injected at the age of 4 months and the deworming was carried out once every month for 5 months and 12 months. The shelf cattle bought back from the market are also subject to an insect repellent. In addition, disinfection must be performed regularly to ensure the healthy growth of cattle.

5. Timely slaughtering is a timely and timely slaughter that can improve the economic efficiency of beef cattle and the quality of beef. Beef cattle grow at a slower pace after the age of the year, feed rewards decrease, and meat quality decreases. Therefore, according to the growth characteristics of beef cattle and market demand, the general slaughter should be carried out when the 18-month-old body weight reaches 500 kg. If conditions permit, slaughter can be carried out when the beef cattle weigh around 350 kg.

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