Dealing with banana disease strains

There are no specific cures for the cure of banana bunchy lesions and mosaic heart rot. Therefore, the prevention and control should be based on prevention, completely eliminate the transmission medium, remove diseased plants in time, and reduce viral infections. According to the conventional treatment of diseased strains, it can not completely remove the source of the disease, it will cause re-infection. Based on the experts' introduction and combined with the experience of Jiaonong, the diseased plants are treated in situ as follows:

First, remove the diseased plants and chop them up. The diseased plants were found, together with the banana heads and sucking buds. All the pests were cut into pieces using a knife to cut pseudo stems, leaves, banana heads, and sucking buds. Pay special attention to the destruction of sucker growth points.

Second, sprinkle with kerosene. In the chopped diseased plant pseudostems, leaves, banana heads, suckers, sprinkle a little kerosene or spray kerosene with a sprayer to wet the surface of the diseased plants. Determine the amount of kerosene according to the size of the diseased plants. Generally, 25-50 grams of kerosene is used per plant.

Third, sprinkle with lime powder to speed up the decay of the diseased plants. 200-500 grams of lime powder was used for each strain and evenly sprinkled on the diseased plant debris.

Fourth, cover the soil. Cover the diseased plants with dirt.
The diseased plants that have been treated in this way will soon rot, and the virus will disappear. After one year, the healthy banana plant will be planted and the disease can be greatly reduced.

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