There are seven taboos in watermelon fertilization

One bogey single application of large amounts of nitrogen fertilizer. The fertilization of watermelon is the most concerned with the combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If a single application of large amounts of nitrogen fertilizer, the plants are extremely prolonged, which is not conducive to flowering melon and fruit development. According to the study, watermelon is mainly composed of nitrogen nutrition before sitting on melon, and the absorption of potassium is increased sharply after sitting on melon; the nitrogen and potassium levels are basically equal in the hair removal stage of melon, and the absorption reaches the peak in melon stage, and the melon matures. At the stage, the absorption of nitrogen and potassium was significantly reduced, and the absorption of phosphorus was relatively increased; the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium was 3.8:1:2.8 for seedlings, 3.6:1:1.7 for vines, and melons were growing. The period is 3.5:1:4.6.

Second avoid application of chlorine fertilizer. Watermelon is a chlorine-tolerant crop, and the application of chlorine-containing fertilizers (such as ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, etc.) will affect the accumulation of sugar and make the melon taste lighter.

Three avoid excessive application of human excrement. Excessive use of human excreta, easily lead to plant growth, making melons difficult, melon skin thick and taste sour.

Four bogey fertilization on topsoil. Pay attention to the deep application of watermelon fertilizer, timely covering after application, especially nitrogen fertilizer, if applied, nitrogen can easily evaporate to produce ammonia gas, harm the leaves, but also to reduce the effect of fertilizer.

Five bogey rainy weather fertilization. Rainy weather has high air humidity and high soil moisture. Fertilizer is not only easy to lose fertilizer, but also can cause watermelons to grow.

Six bogey fertilizer sites too close to the root. The fertilization site of watermelon is generally required to be about 10 centimeters from the main root; it is easy to burn roots and affect plant growth.

Seven bogey fertilizer when avoiding drought. When the weather is dry and the soil moisture content is low, applying chemical fertilizer at this time will make the cytoplasmic solution of the root cells penetrate outward, causing the plant to be physiologically dry and die.

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