Rabbits catch six points

First, do a good job in environmental health. Second, pay attention to heatstroke cooling. Third, pay attention to epidemic prevention and eradication: To inject rabbits, Pasteurella, Clostridium perfringens and other infectious disease vaccines. Rabbits often drink 0.01% potassium permanganate water or 0.02% furazolidone water, the practice of mother and child points to reduce mutual infection. In addition, we must insist on the use of drugs to prevent coccidiosis. Fourth, a reasonable diet: According to the rabbit's breed, gender, physiological stage with a reasonable mix of fine material, green material, coarse material ratio, fed to rabbits low-energy high-protein full-priced diet, crude fiber should be controlled at 10% - 14%, try to choose to feed green feed with low moisture content. It can be used to feed plants that have certain medicinal value, such as plantago, artemisia, purslane, garlic, leeks, watermelon rind, willow and flowers. Fifth, pay attention to feeding time: Breakfast early feeding, dinner late feeding, Chinese food fed a small amount of green fodder, feeding night grass at the same time, while providing adequate drinking water, add 1% -2% of salt in drinking water. Pay attention to feed 80% of the feed to midnight. 6. Proper mating breeding: Special cooling protection is applied to male male rabbits, arranged in a cool place, with temperature control between 22-28°C, and fed with full-price diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals to ensure semen quality. , improve the estrous female fertility rate. The mother rabbits should pay attention to the diets that provide the full price of nutrition, and provide them with the necessary shade and heatstroke protection conditions to ensure that the female rabbits are robust in their physique. In addition, we must observe the vulva changes in the female rabbits. Remember that "Pink is early, Black is later, and Dahong is the same time." The way of mating shows that dual breeding and repeated breeding can be combined to increase the conception rate and the number of litters. That is, when the female rabbit is in estrus, one male rabbit is used for breeding and then the other male rabbit is used for breeding, and the rabbits are again mixed for 6-8 hours. Observe the female rabbits of the species carefully to make up for the empty female rabbits. China Agricultural Network Editor

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