The basic principles of polyculture of ornamental fish

In an aquarium, if there is a large group of fish of all kinds swimming inside, that pleasing scene will surely make you insane. But you can know that the polyculture of fish, but pay attention!
When choosing a mixed fish species, you can consider the following points:
First of all, there must not be a large gap in the body size of fish that co-exist in a single tank. Large fish often tend to bully small fish. Second, to grasp the feeding habits of mixed fish, a mixed pool of fish of different dietary habits will lead to the phenomenon of neglecting each other. Third, we must consider the adaptation of water quality and water temperature. For example, African cichlids like the water with higher PH value. Colorful angels, blood parrots and other fish prefer water quality with lower PH value. Many tropical fish are not liked very much. In high water temperatures, some fish such as koi and goldfish do not need to be warmed in the winter; fourth, fish that are more aggressive should not be polycultured with fish whose habits are more moderate, on the contrary, fish that are aggressive are mixed together. On the contrary, it is possible to reduce the attacks between each other; the last thing to emphasize is that the polyculture fish should strive for uniformity in the distribution of space, and some fish are very strong in the field, and to avoid competition due to the density is too large to compete for the site.

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Organic Vitex Honey,Wholesale Organic Vitex Honey,Organic Vitex Honey Prices

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