Artificial Cultivation Technique of Snow Lotus

Snow Lotus, alias Snow Lotus, is a perennial herb of the Asteraceae family. It is not only a rare flower and grass, but also a rare and famous Chinese herbal medicine. First, growth habits: Snow Lotus is a plateau mountain plant, suitable for a variety of complex climate environments, the underground part can tolerate below -30 °C below the low temperature, can normally germinate at 5-39 °C, flowering period can be at minus 5 °C The pride is open under the cold wind, stems, leaves, flowers will not wither. Second, the choice of species: To select the grain full, brown and black large and shiny grain, do not choose dry, dark, small yellow white Xuan grain. III. Destruction of species: For dormant species of snow lotus, first adjust the plant growth regulator triacontanol to 0.1ppm with warm water at 50°C, soak the seeds for 8 hours and remove them, and then use ABT3 rooting agent 1 : 1500, soak for half a minute, you can sow. The purpose is to sterilize the seed and promote the rapid germination of the seed rooting, generally 8 °C -20 °C temperature about 10 days of emergence. Can also be used high-temperature germination method: the snow lotus seeds removed from the triacontanol solution, in the 20 °C -30 °C high temperature germination; to bud arch mouth 2 hours later, cooling about 18 °C practice seedlings, time is about 12 small Right and left, planted into a paper tube with nutritious soil. IV. Preparation of nutritious soil and land selection: Use organic fertilizer, fine sand and humus soil in a nutritious soil with flower pots or paper tubes to prepare 2:2:6, and then use sieves to remove impurities and lump in the soil. It is good to get a soil with a pH of 5.5-6.5. Select suitable wet, warm, sunny, well-ventilated, easy-drainage, sandy land with rich humus. It is advisable to apply the base fertilizer before leveling the land, and use rot rot, 1500 kg per mu, and plunge into the soil. V. Sowing and Transplanting: Mix the nutrient soil with water and mix it so that it reaches the state of being hand-kneaded and loose. The paper tube is tamped and the seeds are sown before the 0.5-cm-thick nutrient soil is cultivated. A thin layer of grass was laid on the paper tube, and the water was poured onto the grass to keep the soil green. When the two leaves of the young seedlings were removed, the thin grass on the paper slip was removed and the seedlings were given light. The best growing temperature of seedlings is 8°C-22°C. When the seedlings grow to 5-6cm, they can be transplanted into pots, plastic greenhouses and fields. Planting by row spacing 15cm x 20cm, the best choice for tomorrow or rain, so that the survival rate is high. 6. Field and Fertilizer Management: During the growth of snow lotus, weeding and ripping should be done. The soil should be watered in time for drought, once it is thoroughly irrigated, but it should not be poured. It is better to use water in the early morning or early evening in hot summer days; Well, watering with snow or ice water is more conducive to its growth. For growth and weakness, auxin was added at a concentration of 1:6000 for top dressing. Before the flowering chase 1 superphosphate, 20 kilograms per acre, spray 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate twice every 8 days during the flowering period, can improve the quality of flowers.

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