Disasterd Crab Pool can replenish green shrimp

During the summer, crab crab disease broke out, and the crabs were killed in large numbers or even almost eliminated. In addition, some crab ponds were flooded and the cultivated crabs escaped in large numbers, resulting in very few crabs in the crab ponds. For these affected crab ponds, nourishing young shrimp is a more effective method. If they are well-fed, they can produce about 30 kilograms of fresh shrimp per acre of water and increase their earnings by several hundred yuan.
First, do a good job in preparing the pond in mid-September, late, each mu of water with 50 kg of tea seed cake crushed, soaked, smashed, the whole pool evenly spilled. Rapeseed cake has no effect on pond crabs, but it can kill wild fish and harmful organisms in the pond. At the same time, 200 kg of fermented manure or 4 kg to 5 kg of compound fertilizer is applied to the water surface of the mu to provide fertilizer for water quality and provide suitable feed for shrimps.
Second, do a good job of shrimp seedlings stocked up, generally use green penholder or polyculture pool density, before and after the Spring Festival can not reach the market specifications of superfluous prawns. Using a copycat network to capture and transport oxygenation with live water boats or oxygen bags. Shrimp seedlings have a size of 1 cm to 3 cm and stocking 10 kg to 15 kg per mu.
Third, to strengthen the feeding and management should always change the pool of fresh water, so that the pool of water to maintain a high amount of dissolved oxygen to prevent the floating head of the shrimp. Regular use of bleach, "strong chlorine" and other drugs to disinfect pool water. According to the weather, water temperature and other conditions, appropriate amount of feed wheat flour, cake meal, bran and other powdered feed, and feed more appropriate feed crushing snails and other animal feed. Conditioned shrimp feed can be fed.
Fourth, batch fishing and sales should be based on the growth of the shrimp, during the Spring Festival, some of the selected prawn selected to reach the market, the rest of the coming March to April, until the shrimp grow to about 5 cm or so when the sale of catch Evacuate the pond and make preparations for the continued stocking of crabs.

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