Flower vinegar has many advantages

In recent years, many of my farmers planting flowers have promoted vinegar and vinegar in flowers. Not only flowers have grown stronger, they have fewer diseases, and they have bright colors, which are much favored by customers. The reason may be that vinegar contains 1-5% of acetic acid, also contains glyceraldehyde, lactose, sugar and inorganic salts. These substances can be directly absorbed and utilized on the leaves of flowers to increase the chlorophyll content and increase photosynthetic efficiency. The main effects of vinegar on flowers are: First, vinegar can promote the growth of flowers and plants with 300 times vinegar solution, spraying the whole plant before the buds of camellia, spraying once every 15 days can make tea leaves increase 0.2-0.4 cm The amount of flowers increased by 8%, and the number of branches increased by 20%. At the same time with 150 to 200 times the vinegar solution to water the flowers, can overcome the Ph-basic Ph value of alkali-induced physiological diseases. Second, to enhance the disease resistance of flowers rose powdery mildew, azaleas black spot, etc., once found, with 150 times vinegar spray three times, can be effectively controlled, in addition, the flower downy mildew, leaf spot, etc., spray Vinegar also has some preventive and therapeutic effects. Third, pay attention to the point of spraying vinegar on the flowers to spray vinegar should pay attention to two points: First, the use of vinegar must be vinegar, avoid chemical industry vinegar and spoilage of vinegar; Second, the concentration must be strictly controlled, not Feel free to increase and spray in the morning or evening.


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