Summer and autumn raise silkworm ten attention

First, prevent pesticide poisoning. Farm pests must be kept far from mulberry and silkworm plants, and they must not pollute mulberry trees. Crop pests should be sprayed on nearby crops in order to prevent silkworms from smelling pesticide odors and promptly close silkworm doors and windows. Silkworm farmers need to wait for showers before changing clothes to feed silkworms or carry out other tasks. Silkworm sericulture operations; mulberry water spraying and extra-root topdressing, which prohibit the use of pesticides; silkworm seasons should not be sprayed with organochlorine pesticides in farms near the Jamsil area. Feeding silkworm mulberry leaves must be tested and confirmed to be non-toxic after feeding. Second, the silkworm insecticides and insecticides are banned in the interior of the silkworm and used in houses near the silkworm room. They must also be closed to prevent silkworm poisoning. Third, the silkworm room to install screen doors, screens, to prevent flies into the silkworm interior damage young silkworm. Fourth, to block rat holes before silkworm rearing, silkworm shelves and walls to maintain a certain distance, silkworm around the feet to be sprinkled with lime powder or silkworm medicine to prevent rats from climbing onto the silkworm shelf. To raise land silkworms, but also to do a good job of rodent control. 5. In the summer and autumn, high temperatures in the high temperature season are high. In the morning, we must spray well water in the silkworm room, hang wet cloth or straw curtains, and close doors and windows during the day to prevent hot air flow from entering the room. At night, the temperature is low. It is necessary to open the window for ventilation all night. Six, found that diseased silkworm should be promptly cleaned up, put it into the disinfectant basin containing bleach solution or lime slurry, can not litter the diseased silkworm, disable diseased silkworm feeding livestock and poultry, in order to prevent the spread of pathogens. Seven, silkworm sand contains a large number of pathogens, can not be random disorder, but can not spread in the sun around the Jamsil, should be concentrated in the field stacking or put into the pit to control, in order to prevent the spread of pathogens. In the summer and autumn high temperature seasons, the pathogens multiply rapidly. To achieve the plan to collect the leaves, timely transport the leaves, and reasonably store the leaves, the mulberry leaves must not be too thick to prevent the deterioration of the mulberry leaves and induce silkworm disease. Storage mulberry pool should be disinfected once at each age, and no mulberry leaves should be fed overnight. Nine, high temperature and wet weather avoid feeding wet mulberry leaves, storage mulberry leaves can not be sprinkled, to remove sand, sprinkle fresh lime powder and other materials, inhibit the growth of bacteria. 10. It is not the season of silkworm rearing. Do not store grains, bran, and other impurities in the silkworms in order to avoid damaging the silkworms and damaging young silkworms.

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