Summer grass mushroom cultivation new method

The straw mushroom is the only high-temperature fast-growing species in edible fungi, and the cultivation materials are mainly rice and wheat straw. It is delicious and nutritious. Now the new method of cultivation of straw mushroom in the summer is described as follows: The preparation of mushroom mushroom is set in a plastic greenhouse, and the film is covered with a straw and curtain to keep it moist. Mushrooms are 1 meter wide and have an unlimited length. They have a 30-centimeter spacing and are used as a sidewalk and a storage ditch. Dig recessed mushroom beds laterally on the rake. The width of the mushroom bed is 30 cm and the depth is 20 cm. 20 cm of small earth ridges are left between the scallops and 0.2% dichlorvos and 0.1% carbendazim are sterilized. Straw processing The straw or wheat straw is cut into small pieces 3 cm long, soaked with 2% lime water and 0.5% compound fertilizer for 24 hours. Select the mushroom species used for the mushroom cultivation, the age of the bacteria should not exceed 18 days, and the hyphae are robust and have a brownish-red chlamydospore. Cultivation methods The straw section or wheat straw section is evenly laid in a dug mushroom bed, spread a layer of grass and then spread a layer of bran and a layer of bacteria, the amount of bran is 5% of the total amount of hay, the amount of bacteria used At 10%, the uppermost layer of bacteria is slightly more. Then the soil on the small soil ridges is sprinkled on the surface of the material and is 10 cm to 12 cm high. The culture material is pressed with a wooden board. After cultivating the material on the bed, a small arch shed was erected along the length of the mushroom, and the height of the arch shed was about 50 centimeters, covering the film insulation. Fill the water channel between the daytime to maintain the relative humidity of the air in the greenhouse not less than 80% and the temperature not less than 28 degrees Celsius. After 48 hours, the film ventilation on the small shed can be opened. After the mushrooming, the management usually takes from 9 days to 10 days from seeding to mushroom buds, and it can be used from 3 days to 4 days after budding. After the mushrooms are harvested, they must not be sprayed with water. They must be covered for 2 days to restore the growth of the mycelium, and then continue mushrooming management. The mushrooms can be re-emerged. A 0.1% urea solution should be sprayed before each mushrooming. , to promote the growth of straw mushroom.

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